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I think a more obsession more a clever way of tax avoid attacks avoidance oh interesting because if you do that he festival will be thinking about setting of various forms of trust for the trust will i'm not an expert on this but the trust will it to avoid tax is is that evade taxes the illegal avoid heart is the lead who won ways of avoiding tax at the same trump amassing his clash amount of wealth through the scheme but then he's is not allowed to spend it but it that means literally spend it but the onto have something where the come on a trust companies had to have a car or a plane that they could the the the company could buy them okay so part of his obsession with collecting in buying objects was attacked scheme well yarrow as evening on a giant tax that plenty did they meet in there have in england as high as nine ozone is ridiculous name said so lazy watt now today when we think j paul getty we think the getty center in philanthropy a very different idea of getty than what we see in this film the you think the your film sort of set the record straight in some ways i think it sets you it makes you think it makes you realize that this was not all bad news from the sky this guy did have a view even if it was driven first of all by of inner avoidance at the end of the day he amassed so much that it should be turned into bringing some of that wealth to an already whose planning the getty museum we see in the film where he put all is wellfounded splayed free with free carparking so at least thousands the beginning of his philanthropy i wonder have you gotten any pushback from the getty family about the movie yes gil getty saw it gives she's eighty two annual editor i ha i have met a personally but very much together very much feels a sense of matriarch and was i think my report on it was relieved that you found the film to be very good and as she said all of the old man was.

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