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The perception thirteen democrats on the special counsel probe including one who went to what he hoped was a victory party that's a perception problem to they work kicked off you were why were you kicked off mr gowdy i cannot speak to special counsel molly you talk to why he did or did you talk to him when he let you go i've witnessed answer the question will be afforded the opportunity my recollection was a short meeting somewhere between fifteen to thirty minutes probably around fifteen minutes and your testimony is bob muller did not kick you off because of the content of your tax he kicked you all because of some appearance that he was worried about my testimony what you asked in what i responded to that he kicked me off because of my bias i'm stating to it is not my understanding that he kicked me off because of any bias that it was done based on the appearance if you want to represent what she said acura lamb happy to answer that question but i don't appreciate what was originally said being changed i don't give a damn what you appreciate agent strong i don't appreciate having an fbi agent with an unprecedented level of animists working to major investigations thousand sixteen all right here we are as we continue the sean hannity show we're in london right down toll free telephone number that remains the same while we're here it's eight hundred nine four one sean if you want to be a part of the program joining us in studio his name came up at the hearings today and what i i mean trey goudy is never had a finer moment in his life and career this is a prosecutor that never lost a single case in his life and what we were hearing there is almost the most shockingly it's like the most brazen example of of air against this is the deep state cognitive dissonance to the sense that peter struck thinks he is the great super american patriot that knew better than you then we the american people about who should or shouldn't be elected to the presidency and in spite of all the obvious bias and the text messages he defiantly sat there and literally said white was black black was white up was down in down as up and that is exactly what goes to the heart of this deep state that we have been telling you about and what is the biggest example of abuse of power power and corruption in american history steve bannon joins us in london my friend how are you well first off i'm the hottest get right now because they just get in the world how does sean hayes production team tracked me down in the middle of london well wait how do you do this live in studio on the biggest get on the biggest get in the war right now all that just saying yeah you are what your protection team how they tracked me down the middle of london i just this is well maybe it was just meant to be because we booked you on this program last night deputy it was great to see you last night you have one of the more fascinating brains of anybody i've ever gotten to know and i know people view you as dark i just view a smart and strategic and tactical which is very different the way we would want anybody if you're going to battle somebody or fight a war or be an information more whatever let's start with the here where there's about what you said i disagree with you know you guys have have taken this to the next level and explain to the american people it's not the deep state more it's the interface state they are in your arrogance today they are in your face every day right and they don't try to hide it anymore this is going what you've done on your radio and tv is going to lead i keep saying this to a new church commission we're gonna have a church commission in about six months to a year that's going to go through after after special prosecutors nafta crossfire hurricane after everybody goes through it right they're going to have a commission like the head back in the early seventies look at the cia look at the fbi look at the counter terrorism to look at all of this does it is out of control is sort of like greg jarrett spoke the russia hoax the illicit scheme to clear hillary clinton frame donald trump that kind of sums it all.

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