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You're the captain of the team now Poon is going to be your choice to face Donald Trump in the debate gone through all the free stuff. It'll be a democrat, one of the twenty or twenty three who do you want it to be? And why FM one on one point five AM, fourteen hundred. The patriot. Mabul mitigation services, once, you know, that, well, they're experts in all types of disaster mitigation in your home. That's for sure. Well water is one of the worst because water wins water is the, the, the one thing that you really gotta be careful with, because what you need to do is make sure that you have stopped it when water is on the move. You got to be moving faster and sometimes that's a chore that, well, the average home owner business owner can't really keep up with. I know. I couldn't. That's why mabul mitigation services is there when it comes to restoring items that have experienced water damage that is an area for professionals and timing is critical, the longer that item any item is exposed to water. The worst the items condition. And integrity will be when you finally get to it. Mabul mitigation services is waiting to answer the call to get that done for you. And then jump into action to make sure it's done properly. Mabo mitigation services talked to him about what they do. And you'll want to keep their number handy on your refrigerator, or in a drawer, somewhere work, because you never know when you're really gonna need them..

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