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I'm just like doing it in their voices. His equipment tech. Yeah and i'm just like oh my god. Okay are and their documentary. Actually took place in. Virginia city nevada. Because you see that a lot with like a lot of the pilot episode of these that they don't have the money so they can't travel very far so you look at ghost hunters. They traveled kind of a round. What's satellite-aided rhode island. Yeah because i mean the first episode are in pennsylvania. And then you look at ghost. Adventures will there in nevada so they're obviously investigating nevada Found one site this. So don't quote me on this actually being full fact because i couldn't find anything else to back ever. It was said that this documentary won the two thousand six grand jury prize for documentary at the new york international independent film and video festival. Let's call zach up and ask him ios that i know you're a little busy with your haunted museum and stuff and you're holly madison but i mean another day. That was like look at holly. Madison are laidback killer. Clowns from outer space t shirt and this going to another thing with an outfit knows like she probably games. I beg getting me. I like when she posts on instagram. That she's wearing his shirt like she has a. He has a nickname for him. I can't recall it right now. But she's like. I'm in my boy shirt. Right now. Can wear his long sleeves chilly outside. They're like my favorite play. Hell there cute and obviously Wanted to marry his act baggins. But if i can't everybody who i have his stupid book i remember reading it by candlelight in a bubble bath i was at. You're all welcome now. We're all best friends. We just become best friends. I think we just did. Because i told everybody. Had a dream about steve gonzalves. Then you're telling us about your zag bubble bath. Oh my god. I'm writing it down now. Bubble bath now..

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