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To Beth Israel deaconess for new surgical techniques innovative treatments and experts support services Beth Israel deaconess Medical Center part of the Beth Israel Leahy health. we've got sunshine today we've got warm temperatures we've got you. tions what kind of feels like summer but it's not it's the first day of fall temperatures in the upper eighties a shower thunderstorm crossing the area this evening sixty eight in the city sixty in the suburbs after those storms going through not as warm tomorrow less humid seventy five to eighty Wednesday son shot a little cooler seventy three warming up again by Thursday this is WBZ news radio ten thirty with the news watch never stop. good morning I'm Dan Parker here the five things you need to know at eight fifteen yes it is fall but today will not feel like fall in fact far from it temperatures well into the eighties inland humid conditions. for now for you know in the season still touchdowns allowed by the defense the jets scored twice yesterday. once a month once had a pick six for backup quarterback Jarrett stood on that street the jets thirteen to fourteen problems for travelers using British tour company Thomas cook the company collapsing earlier today tens of thousands of vacationers about the left stranded game of thrones one of the big winners at last night's Emmy awards taking home two prizes including best television drama series the fourth on. I live in San Antonio Texas the latest child to die in a hot car this year thirty three smaller Rivera has details please in San Antonio say a three year old boy died in a hot car in the family's drive way the parents told police they were distracted after driving home from a tee ball game with the toddler and another son a six year old San Antonio police lieutenant Jesse Salameh's as each parent thought the other had taken the three year old out of the car by the time they realize the several hours of past when they got the child out of the vehicle he was not responsive San Antonio police are treating the death as a tragic accident Maria Vieira ABC news officials say more than forty children have died in hot cars this year a three alarm fire chasing residents out of a condo complex in Fitchburg two people were stuck inside that building on Beekman straight one of them was able to escape on their own to the other had to be rescued by ladder from the third floor and a former school building one resident the neighborhood says he heard an explosion from within that building before seeing those flames pet owners alert CBS is Jim chrysalis shining a light on a popular nutritional supplements with more and more people giving.

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