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You wanna see of like who just wrote the best jokes, who was funniest, and that's not what the other shows are going for them. Here's more thing. I really actually. Loved Marvel's missiles as well. Her. She's dressed listening, Rachel Brosnahan shopping with her as bass. It was like, what is this name? Who by the way, Gloria. Oh, my jolly a lightning bolts and her and heard her and Kristen bow because twice my age and dear Lord, she looks incredible. You saw that viral video of Ezra Bassett talking about her out. She's almonds and lean Samson's like Monday, Tuesday, fruits, invest balls mean lean protein Chia seeds, maybe a little almond milk almond butter. No, dare like no bread, no Zeki, Brad from the sprouse sprouted. Grain Brad are have the protein later the week. So I could do a high intensity workout do weightlifting, you hire a trainer because I know if I pay for him. I'm gonna make sure that I show up and if I don't pay them, I'm not go to the gym. So then I know I'm going to the gym everyday are meditate, don't do yoga. She makes she might be the greatest junket interviewee of all time. Maybe he'll give you nothing or ever even though I really like marvelous was I love Alex bore state. So goodness show. I definitely agree that this is part of the problem. Why networks also. Want the enemies really on their network anymore. That Emmys, you know, this long contract and it's like if the ratings drop, you know they wanna be able to negotiate differently for having it on air NBC like to do that. It's also impart just because networks aren't winning EMMY awards anymore. It's cable and streaming that are winning. And it's in large part because Amazon gets to do this. Amazon gets to like make these long, pass dramas and make some light jokes in them and then be like, this is comedy. Yes. I was gonna say, watching the acting categories sort of goes back to what I was saying before. It is just so weird to compare these performances now, like in a way it is. It's fair to me. It would have been fair to me if anybody had one in most of these shows because the shows are not comparable in in these categories like Bill Hader. Well, who are your favorite winners though? I would say my favorite winner. Well, Henry Winkler. Because it was happy. Yes, really good in berry all he's very, he's he's the funniest person and berry also definitely. And also like his humor is the most shocking on that show too. He's obviously a legend and also he was a literate until the age of thirty one. Did you know that any went to Yale drama about that? He talks about it a lot. He had like severe dyslexia growing up. Okay. Well, and then he took a picture with Ron Howard and that one that was very, very happy to see all of the non white people who won. So sandy Newton, king and rupaul, I think was very anyone else looked Hella shock that she Chuck. She looked unbelievable and vary surprise the first time that anyone's ever disteclared themselves eighth east as they were winning. Yeah. Hear about God. I don't believe in God, but I'm gonna talking about her tonight or so. By the way. Regina. King was very shocked. Shocked that was her third win though. So let's. Oh, yeah, because you've been twice for American crime. I think that Regina king was shocked that she just one for. Because networks canceled it. You know, Venus was on this show talking about it and it just hasn't been getting, you know, really any buzz after it dropped. But then again, that goes to what haras said. There's not really an EMMY awards, the said, for the Oscars. They drop most of those movies in November in December, and it's like this is time to go see it for the Emmy's. It could be like this show aired a year ago. I was obviously reading for Sandra who deserves. I mean, truly truly deserves multiple Emmys for Grey's anatomy. I love Clervoy tail and Clervoy is the only person who I was..

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