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Evaluation Process. That you consider giving up play call. No no not yet not yet. That's the part that keeps me. Attach support keeps me. You know it mile motivation right is is to be around the players to stand up in front of the room and install the plays during the week and and and be connected to the team. Offensively that way with all the other things I have to do so Play calling never never brought up. Did you find it hard to bring in a potential Caesar Offensive Systems? If they didn't get the call place I mean that's always something. I think a candidate who who wants to be an offensive coordinator. If they're going to a place where the head coach is calling plays or somebody else's Colin Place. Yeah that's that's difficult. That's difficult than and so some of the candidates. I spoke with and and even even brought into the building You know that was that was brought up and and I. I told him a front that you know. This is a position where you know. I'm still GONNA call the plays. I'm not going to give that up and they have to be comfortable with that and You know I listen to. I have hard time to I was interviewing for coordinator's job having called plays previously had be tough to tough to give up. Rich has the background in the SHANAHAN system. You guys have west coast and spread guys with different backgrounds. What's your vision for? How kind of how this is going to work together. Why do you want guys with such different backgrounds? Yeah I mean it's it's again are our approach has been very collaborative. Approach has been very very direct in in in from the standpoint of you know you hire position coaches for reasons not just to coach position but also to have input on on game plans and so having Ridge now being in and being around you know Kyle and his You know his offenses whether be in Atlanta in San Francisco and being around quarterbacks you know Matt Ryan and Obviously Garoppolo at Nick mullins in San Fran these guys He brings a and then having coordinator experience in Denver last year. Just For me very intriguing to to be able to bring in a guy that You know is is going to help Carson number one. It's going to our offense is going to. He's going to be a guy not not solely his responsibility but allowing us to take our our offense maybe to a to a different two different level as something that We weren't We weren't as good at last year in the last couple of seasons and those are all things that that you know. I have to take a look at your right through the evaluation process so I'm excited to work with rich and air guys. You know as we get ready for for. Ot's.

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