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The read went out and spent on bob dole load of money on the defense and they know why they did it end now you have a mess up front with a quarterback that's not mobile if if the quarterback just doesn't turn the ball over and they just play like a mundane solid game kinda liked the detroit lions squad last night this solid it just a solid game they turned it over want some via no interceptions you know matthew staffer break it out of the pocket running a couple of times on third down to third down conversion rate for the the lines let's night was key that's a big number or the the defense of the giants shards of touchdown to go three for three on third down a touchdown matthew stafford ran for nine yards game one of those touchdown first out by but we're praising defense a certain if there was third in three they hit hebron for it easy first down the line runs for first town i mean but we praise the defense three for three on third down in touch and are in a field they didn't give up a punt return they didn't screw up a fourth goal and they're he emily but there is a carryover from last week when they couldn't get off the field on the cowboys all in here you go the second dr they can't get off the feel okay jury have out scorn a touchdown grabbing you junk kicking the ball out of bounds and then the defense coming iit rain back this at an air and land body and then on the next play overthrown interception and give the ball back to them i agree it's on everybody this was not drug where he danielle and dumont danielle what's happening bomber i'd rock iraq you think i gotta quickly feared our guy hadn't gary uh wreak havoc because if you're looking at the packers game in a playoff last year couldn't get a running game going all you ask for it right now they've been addressed it what collaborating which are at and highly frowned got why didn't he go with harm copper renew queen how well dead now bar first of all danielle last year there were eleven and five okay they spent a.

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