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So you see the study shows just how widespread addictions are in hamlin county and in the city and which communities are most affected it tends to break down along racial lines and the more i guess minority the neighbor tends to be stronger predictor of fiction rates than anything else but the numbers are pretty staggering here in cincinnati alone you're talking over two hundred thirty evictions a week that's about twelve thousand a year in cincinnati hamilton county and about ninety nine percent of the time the courts find in favor of the landlord not the tenant so there's a group called housing opportunities made equal fair housing agency locally known as home h o m e and they want the lawmakers to try and reduce the number of people getting addicted which means it's gonna get tougher to people who don't pay rent if you're a landlord or tenant this is news that affects you charlie as a matter of fact if you're a property owner it affects you because places near you maybe rented this is going to throw into that mix as well charlie tassels here he's a director of government affairs with the greater cincinnati northern kentucky apartment association charles how you've been buddy i'm doing good mike is on now there we go in three two one now should it be harder to vic people so loaded question for a guy represent apartment owners well here's the thing it needs to be held in considered seriously you don't just move somebody out of their space especially if they've rented it there's a contract in place it's an installment contract per the state ohio section fiftythree twentyone is what covers all of it there's twenty two different sections in that and it says who's obligation who's requirement with landlord or resident and guess what it's all spelled out very clearly and works very well here's the key thing if you wanna lower evictions pay the rent that's the single fastest way in fact there's there's in the study says there's fifty thousand divisions but they ignore the fact that forty nine percent of marta smist off the bat and the reason is somebody paid the rent gotta pay right but half of that simple not a lot to now yeah i feel for people to spite the good as the economy isn't it it scared as a landlord myself charlie that what's going to happen when the when the economy starts to correct itself as always does but if you have this many people affected now twelve thousand year that's a lot that's a lot of people getting evicted is in fact actually one of the things we looked at about ten years ago we started apartment outreach which is a nonprofit that we do through the apartment association and we we find gorgan free store food.

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