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Cernan cats three 993 93 with us we are keeping our eyes on the what's going on in then st louis area were about to see a large amount of writing it was the decision of not guilty from a judge in the case of jason stockily is charged a former police officer charged with firstdegree murder white officer black victim i mean there was what they thought was a drug viola this guy smith did indeed run his a vehicle anthony lamar smith whose name backed his vehicle into a police car there was a chase all that happened the not guilty on the first degree murder the judge saying that the just the evidence isn't there for firstdegree murder now crowds gathering in and around saint louis this of course for the home of ferguson michael brown keeping an eye on things we had jamie arm and on from ah at the nou sokhon some one the morning show host there in st louis and saying listen the it's not just about what could happen tonight the u2 concert we had them here just last weekend there in st louis this weekend there are lots of places where antifront or these people can decide to get loud there's an edge sharon concert other things are going on within the city were keeping an eye on it that much is for sure but i want to break down the whole susan rice is a liar conversation because susan rice the liar and while it's very possible she didn't break the law that doesn't mean that she's trustworthy it simply means that she may not have broken the law she was the national security adviser and as the national security adviser she could take a look at classified information and she could take a look at.

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