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877 Ask Del Boulders rolling up their sleeves to fight covert. That's one of the stories coming up after Cairo radio. Real time traffic. Tracy's again any better out there. Not really. Heather. I'm still watching a 54 minute drive from Seattle to ever because of some slower traffic outside of shoreline to 2/20. And once again as we get past 1 48, we have a wreck on self on a five out near a syrup 5 to 9 and marries Phil. That's causing some delays and a pretty good line up behind that. Deadly crash investigation continues on south on Highway nine there 1 76, you're still gonna run into a wreck on South 25 at South Center That's taking up the H O V Lane south and four or five still bumper to bumper outside of Bellevue, heading out to Park drive, And that's from the earlier crash. There. That's off to the side and a distraction for drivers still pretty heavy cell phone in the Valley Freeway for drivers leaving Auburn into Pacific at 24th. You gotta crash there that One point was blocking is just cleared to the side. We're still bumper to bumper on South 25 from highway 18 to the dome. But everything else through liquid has cleared out nicely. Traffic brought to you by fix auto collision centers. A traffic accident could be a real headache. Let's fix auto collision centers help fix autos locations throughout the greatest Seattle area. Call 800 Go fix to find locations nearest you. Our radio. Real time traffic. I'm Tracy Taylor, now from the Cairo Radio, New Center and my Northwest, calm this time to begin the process of getting more of our students back into the classroom Governor Jay Inslee this afternoon. This is based on our nude data that has given us high confidence. And shows that schools can successfully limit the transmission of covert 19 when.

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