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Achieve predictable results and create a constant life wherever you are your host consultation daisy pop and everybody and welcome to another episode of bowed and blonde mindset evolution. I'm cathy tight. Your host from down under with me as a ways is dicey pap international. Excellence coach from florida ks. Hi daisy hi my dear friend down under and what an amazing thing. It is to know that. I'm here in summertime and you're down under in wintertime. It is so lovely to know that we're really literally and factually embracing the world. I just love it. I'm so glad to see you. So what's up your sleeves because now it's wintertime. You have sleeves on i do. It's a little bit chilly. And as we're recording this actually the shortest day of the year for us down here in austria. That's right and the longest night and for me it's just reverse well i'm just one day late because for me somersault. This is going to happen tomorrow. So i'm going to have to sleep one more. Yes i am in the future that is true and in the name of the future. Let's have another amazing topic to help. Allison is be the best versions today. We are going to talk about drama queens and of course in brackets kings because it applies to explain women out there. Okay drama queen. This is how i want to be seen done queen things so well drama queens who knows one drama queen or several because i do believe that there's no one on this planet who does not no one but probably some areas in beautiful life of ours is. They're not aware that we call them such but yeah so they're everywhere they can't be everywhere i can. So let's be selective who we surround ourselves with so let's first give out what we defined drama queens as go ahead. Yeah for me. I think it's people that are over. Dramatic sars a dramatic things because overdramatize has for me. It's people who over dramatize things possibly because they feeling like. They need some attention in their lives. What does it for you daisy. well i do believe. It's a pattern behavioral pattern and a coping skill. That's interesting that you say that coping skew well. They weren't born as one that is cherry so that might be tendencies. When we're born and then our surroundings and environment will maybe allow it or support..

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