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Video is much better, but you get the idea there was I don't have a cat got there and But immediately seem to somebody saw the cat Dangly grabbed American flag underneath it as if to catch it, and it kinda bounced off the flag. It wasn't a clean catch, but it was a good one, and that can't Is is alive and well today, that's I feel good news segment of the day. U. S. Marine. Retired colonel. Um MP Shenay has written a letter. To the president of United States. The commander in chief. And it's It's fairly long I posted on my social media over the weekend. So if you want to read the whole thing you can go there. I just wanted to get a couple of paragraphs for you. Any writes Dear Mr President, the 20th anniversary of that very dark day for America. I've never been embarrassed of my country before. I had, in fact, never been more proud of my country until a few weeks ago. Then he went into his family's Long service and Marine Corps. And he said, I was taught to respect those. I had the privilege to lead. To never put myself ahead of the Marines. There was my privilege to lead I don't doubt Your grief, Mr President, But I do doubt your ability to respect those that you have the privilege to lead. You may recall, Mr President. The accident of Sand Committee Island in July of 2022 claimed eight Marines and one sailor is lives. After seven month long investigation, all of those in the chain of command were relieved of duty. Everyone from the platoon commander, Lieutenant, the company commander, Captain, the battalion commander, Lieutenant Colonel and the EU commander, a colonel and the commanding general of the CF. A major general all Relieved of duty due to the loss and trust and confidence in the ability to command. My question to you, Mr President. Is what is your responsibility and accountability in this complete catastrophe of an exit in Afghanistan? Hi, sir, have lost any trust and confidence. In your ability to command This has been a debacle. National humiliation and disgrace. And the proper response is to clean out our leadership and military like we did after the Bay of Pigs. And make sure the replaced with people who know how to do their jobs. When will you our investigation, Mr. President begin to one travel, complete disregard for those magnificent people whom you have the privilege to lead. Not at least 13 Americans are dead. And will fighting a war. Mark while fighting wars should say but while trying to leave, leave one He concludes in the final paragraph of his letter. Saying. Whatever your views on the war in Afghanistan, we probably agree on one thing. It should not have ended this way. My flag remains at half staff through this 9 11 anniversary. And I am saddened to say That I have never been embarrassed of my country. And until there's a pathetic display of my president a few weeks ago. Respectfully. United States Marine Corps retired colonel MP shiny State 49 listen to Casey and company. I'm attorney Michael Friedman. And we're excited to be fully back in business. Although.

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