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Bahaji, Barry able to get back on it for the switchbacks. He'll send it down Field Looking long for Michi, Galina Galina able to keep it in play. Reinforcements are coming. Michi Galina into the box sidesteps this man Texas shot in that one. Goes off of the post on the near side and out. For a goal kick. What a sequence by Michi Galina. He had his defender on skates. Yeah, he sure did. But what a world class passed. That was from Haji Berry, sweeping at all of 60 yards out to the far side. Meets Segolene onto it in a flash couple, Little stepovers. And then, as you said, just off of the near post that had Hubbard beat but couldn't Nestle inside the post, but a tremendous break forward there from the switchbacks. So gold cake coming up here for Chris Hubbard. Who sends it across midfield header one by Louisville and then headed by Jimmy Oxford, and by Louisville. Now it's on the feet of Matt Mahoney. Mahoney plays it back to a broad redesignated a bit of pressure. Rodriguez will send it high into the car offsprings night. Did you bury first to get on? It plays it to fill up. My AKA Maionica running in a circle plays it over to mock and villa. I've had to shame Beckford on the near side and he didn't see him, Beckford. Little bit upset there now. Nutmeg Haji Barry on that so so went between the legs passes it far side from eg Galina Galina again charging towards the box. Alina. Maybe looking for across this time plays it to the corner for Sebastian Andersson Andersson, dribbling in he'll send it across, headed away by Louisville. And now the visitors will take full possession. Out of the middle format, so so After he picked up his jock there after getting up make by Haji Berry ball out of plate switchbacks going to get the throwing, and no, they're not Michi Galina. Just being a good guy and In the ball for Louisville. 44th minute, no score. We'll throw this one into match. So so and now long past downfield looking for Ownby. Pops. Once Tristan Hodge camps under it, able to get the first touch, and now Jimmy Oxford, able to get it and clear it away. Here's Sort. My ARCA. Maionica stops. Just shy midfield reverses directions. Work into the right now plays it over to Matt Mahoney. Mahoney plays it through midfield. Amici Galina has got to be exhausted. Take it away by Louisville. On B will have it just shy of the midfield circle. Now he'll press it up The field across midfield comes on B. Lays it out wide. We have entered the 45th minute, which means we will get only one additional minute of Tiktok shop stoppage time. All played in a broader again sees it the whole way and gloves a heal quickly roll it to the near side of one hears Tristan Hodge. Hodge up to Haji Berry. Tapped out by Louisville Haji will throw it into Hajj Kristin to Haji Haji to bury Hodge. I'll get it. Fill up my anchor in the middle of the field, plays it over to Matt Mahoney. Mahoney thought about going downfield instead taps it to his left for Jimmy Oxford, who goes further to the left for Tristan Hodge. Now then fill up my aka My aka Up to Zach. Sandy right back. Jimmy Oxford. Which banks trying to look for a long past, but No passing lanes have opened themselves up until now. Sebastian Anderson over the top headed by Louisville, Zach Sandy's in the area. So is Mitchie. Galina Ball bounces once to the far sideline Galina on it, Galina, trying to keep it in place. Still has it. Now, Galina. Perhaps it to Sebastian Andersson, and that's the way the first half will end. So I don't know what you how many goals you expected here in the first half, But I would say it would be more than zero, but you'd be wrong. Two evenly matched teams have played to a scoreless tie at the half. So we'll see what we have to talk about. At halftime 00 R score at the half switchbacks in Louisville City here on extra sports 1300. It's a new day, and it's coming at you fast With Comcast business. You'll have what you need to take on every twist and turn like the flexibility to control multiple WiFi networks from anywhere and the power of the nation's largest gig. Speed network. Comcast.

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