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The outlet onlinecom studios in buckhead it seventy seven degrees eleven ninety news time is twenty six minutes till the top of the hour the brian crime tricia e this fighting stops now all right at lyon grabbed three on twitter don't forget it you are sick with a fake street media is doing there is a rally this weekend downtown abbey cnn center this crossed the street in centennial park initially putting up a bigscreen television facing facing cnn in a display a to try to demand real news be reported to the american citizen cnn in my opinion being one of the biggest culprits of the fake stream media's fake news entourage and if you can't be there don't want to be there but you'd like to get your voice heard you can go to stop the scalping facebook page stop the scale helpings facebook page recorder short little video posted there and it may be that your video will will appear up on the screen there make sure it's clean we don't want to be nasty or threatening we just want to simply demand that we have real news again this is i i got involved with this because i think this is perhaps one of the biggest problems facing this country i realize health care in politics and policy are are really the the lynchpin but when we can't get the truth or were constantly being fed propaganda and not purposeful information that reflects reality it's hard for american citizens to be informed it creates an ignorance in the public that's extremely damning and dangerous for so that's why i'm involved in this the gwinnet mom that killed her four kids left one critically injured and killed her husband as said she felt like she had a devil white spirit before stabbing and yet think i mean what we saw here's the purest form of eagle evil from this illegal immigrant nine year old diana row merode who is recovering said she saw her mother stabbing a brother sister and father but before.

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