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M a tomatoes and what is john lewis dubs those two as the man i had said let us yet let at howard hours legs lettuce now is seven lettuce you said get rid of yeah yeah yeah oh yeah get rid of the core yeah yeah yeah ta john this is our shia at john go back to the birth police here's the thing guys number seven put some human in that emit graham beef what what are more you think so mad that taco seasoning yeah why am i going to put cumin in there if i'm open taco seasoning in what's in taco seasoning who knows cumin will you know you work the taco factor yeah and the crushing department on the i don't work lengths the tom i told you don't keep this offended because i'm very bad a crushing and i'd love to get i've been going for a promotion from the seasoning department to the crushing department for months now supervisors ride in my ass because i'm not get a crushing slammed these things like against the fences hurt his head kid f i'm against the wall or so walls there awhile that sounds like a open workplace seen yet it's nice royal air to sound like a fence them your hard work you're making dhaka's it's a prison a prison of my own design uh i x saga sees is great yeah it's just like all the seasonings yeah but like i'm always like when i'm cooking up the meat moi's like this is fine i don't need seasoning any put it in your like boy howdy yeah and league this was i wrong yeah an osceola dimwitted aso i am a wide on amount that means myself but yeah.

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