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Hi everyone welcome to another episode. Leadership is cafe. I'm your host taverna's ear. Ceo of taverna's ear leadership looking for leadership speaker for your next virtual or in person event then visit our website at taverna sears. Dot com to learn more about the kinds of leadership insights. I can share with your team and organization and while you're there don't forget to also check out my internationally acclaimed award winning leadership log and with that. Let's get to our guests for today's episode professor sidney finkelstein when you have people that have Been successful that work for you. They have a great story to tell people love to hear that story and the word starts to spread. And i've seen this in many many companies already when people start to get known as a super boss-like like leader They they become talent magnets. Almost most of us have had the good fortune to work for bosses who were true leaders people who were not only successful in their leadership role but who created conditions that allow us to be successful in our careers as well. What makes these leaders so successful not just achieving their goals but in motivating us to do our best work as well tell answer this question. His bike guests for this episode professor sidney finkelstein sydney is the stephen roth professor of management at the tuck school of business at dartmouth college. He holds a masters degree from the london. School of economics and a ph d. From columbia university sydney has published twenty five books and ninety articles including the bestsellers why smart executives fail and his latest super bosses. How exceptional leaders master the flow.

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