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And that's when all choose like a track from michael tiles sound healing frequencies or something. That's more developed by like johns hopkins for for psychedelic research and healing or something. That's very classical or kind of like you know typical spa soundscape type stuff but again. It's not just through the ears because even though you can plug a set of headphones into this sound matt and play into your ears. Also it literally. It's hard to describe. Plays the sound through your whole body and it's super cool. You can also watch a movie this like watch the movie through your body but man because the vibration from that is louie vibrating. My whole body. Do you feel that much when you worked at. Can you feel the the actual music through table. He's pretty cool. Yeah especially like when. I left your shoulder speakers under that part that come out near your shoulders and yeah i was thinking while you were talking about. When we were talking about the essential. Oil therapy i started thinking about the molecular makeup of the oils. Right like we're the energy. The kinetic energies actually happening in these oils. The same thing with the table the same thing with the music. What you're doing is you're accessing molecular healing. And then we add what i do in there and it just is a multidimensional experience like you said and i think that i also realizing that i'm feeling this essential oils. I have oils in my hands. That i'm using on your body for nearly three hours and and i'm in the space of the pm matt m. Working so i. Even even though i'm tired at the end i'm not exhausted. Like i have a thirty minute drive home and or forty five minute drive home. Whatever and guestroom is right next to the massage table so occasionally crashed. That's right yeah the donna room. Now thank you so yeah. I mean after the massage. I leave and i usually don't put any music on. I'm just kind of in my chill space. Like you go and journal and i go in journal in my mind and have conversations scott or just kind of chill on the way home. Yeah and especially if like you know. I noticed the other the last time we did the massage and i used the zinn spray. Boy that just felt like. I don't know it felt like the best massage we've ever done together the last one i was like. Oh gosh is it just going to continue to get better and brighter. This bad wondered that. Before because i will just certain compounds prior to art therapy and one that will use to open up the third. I is this spray. I get it from dr john laura sarasota. I've interviewed him about it. But it's a blend of different such oils like peppermint and rosemary and cinnamon and a lot of these mentally stimulating oils. Along with hoppy. Which is an amazonian herb. A lot of times use pre ceremony to activate the third i in the pineal gland and it's very good for before meditation before yoga before it's a little bit stimulating and i have some pretty strong blends like i gave you one last time. And yeah shoot you to the moon for about five or ten minutes. When you i do a few sprays up your nostrils but then once you settle down you're in a very cool space and i wonder if that's one of the reasons our last massage or so because we both had kind of the same stuff circulating through our bloodstream. Right now the the other thing that i'll use all start off about five or ten minutes before we do the massage with a few of those then sprays and then i use ketamine which i wouldn't want you on because it's it's an anesthetic. Right literally is something that is used in medicine as a painkiller often delivered via issue very common now used as an anti-depressant or something that people use for trauma work very very good allowing you to tap into memories of past experiences including traumatic memories which is probably another reason that have been so tuned into trauma that you release but then of course because it causes a full body relaxation affect the combination of ketamine and bodywork is profound because my muscles are there goo right my entire body just basically if i've already got up and walked during a massage therapy sessions. I'd be very wobbly. Because then you've probably seen this guy get up from the table. It can be kind of wobbly because that ketamine an i'll do three hundred or four hundred milligrams sometimes winter nasal once. I did a suppository which is very interesting. usually just like an oral trophy. That dissolve under my tongue and so as the massages going. It's just kinda like slow bleeding in the my system during the entire massage. But what's interesting. Is that a relaxing. My entire body and i feel like you're able to just like get in along better when i've got that stuff in my system the it really allows me to tap into past emotions and memories and trauma a lot more readily and then i think probably the other thing that i like about it is when you have the right soundtrack. On there is there is a pretty intense. Some people even call this the k. Whole when they get too deep into this. But it's this mind body association. Where if i've if i've got the sweet spot and the right amount in my system then when you're working on me i sometimes i lose track of where my body's at in space like you'll be working on me and it'll be on the table but it'll feel sometimes like i'm hanging upside down on inversion table or like i'm like i'm in a completely different position than i'm actually in. Which sounds like it would be stressful and weird. But it's actually very very cool experience because it really is feeling as though my entire body is fully relaxed. Like i have this mind body your brain body association and you have to be careful with ketamine. It can cost things like long term. Use cause urinary tract infections or urinary tract inflammation as its released from the body can have someone out of neurotoxicity when when used in hefty doses to regularly about the only time i use it now is when i get a massage so about every ten to fourteen days. I'm getting some ketamine into my system. When we do massage and manage it is a game changer. I think to have that ketamine in the system and you combine it with the sound therapy. And and that f. matt the aromatherapy and the essential oils and then the only their tips that i would give to people is that for the journaling component and kind of some of the breakthrough.

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