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It's coming at seventy four hundred complete steal your I like that but if you look from weeks to the week twelve. He was hovering around eight grand even up to nine grand week so yup commodities Seventy four hundred bucks. I'm not gonna say who's your guy going back and forth against But i'm just gonna atari kill this week I think i don't. I don't think they're gonna even dare to put marshon lattimore on him. I think there are probably gonna have to Commercial somebody else double tire gill but the prize to two being on new orleans so they might try single cover tyreek hill watson burn marshon lattimore. Couple times within deplace Last week you only had seven targets view well more of all this week in offense. Yeah we'll see i an morris solo coverage at an ohio bowed out. Tyreek too fast too. Good mahomes is phenomenal. you know. we'll see a guy. I like air name them earlier. Naming all the guys. It looks like this week. Brandon are euch of for the niners Coming in sixty three hundred bucks That's a steal looking in the past year. He's got forty percent target. Share thirty percent air yards on eighteen twenty five targets the last two games the last five games. He has been healthy. He has fifty six targets. And at least seventy five yards three touchdowns in that five games span. Del says defense. Allow twenty eight passing touchdowns the most in the league. Dale says defense is atrocious. They do not get after the quarterback. It i don't care nick mullins. Who the hell's they got in san francisco on the ball. They know they got one playmaker on offense. It's a you with a hidden and deebo samuel. Both out i'm taking all my lineup. Six two hundred bucks phenomenal belly for the production. He is going to have you say it over. You know also for take take all right. Great for some trivia de join us for trivia and then we will send you offline you want for the info pics for lewitt. Larry boy still these. So you know. I do my trivia Different trivia. So this much is based off a who scored the most points week. Fifteen in the last decade all right so first off. This happened in the year two thousand and thirteen. That's your first glue twenty. Thirteen thirteen most points in week fifteen. You mean like a player player. Fancy player points pain. No randy moss. Nope all right. Second clue he was running back he was not he was a running back. Wait a minute. matt forte. No trying to think some good running shoes. How many would you say all day was not all day. All right second clue he in this game. He had five total touchdowns. Jamal lewis tomorrow. Luis other is is that earlier today early in that small no. He played his teammate. Miss game also Obviously had five touchdowns alex memphis he may aleksey. May alex smith was charles. Aereo jamaal charles. Jamal controls fifty nine points..

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