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Derek Koven, The former Minneapolis police officer charged in the death of George Floyd has posted bond and has been released from jail. Multiple reports say he posted a $1 million conditional bail this morning. Children has been held at a maximum security prison since late May. He was the officer shown on video, pinning George Floyd's neck onto a Minneapolis ST for more than eight minutes. What's that killing ignited protests against racial injustice and police brutality all across the country show Vin faces charges of second degree unintentional murder, Third degree murder and second degree manslaughter to Isis fighters were in federal court here in Alexandria today to face charges related to the deaths of four American citizens. W T O P NATIONAL security correspondent J. J Green has our story. Alexandra and El Shafie O'Shea quarter part of a group of jailers for Isis, known as the Beatles because of their British accents. Their role within the Isis terrorist organization was that of being part of a brutal hostage taking ski exact. Terwilliger U. S attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia. Four Americans were among their victims. James Foley, Kayla Mueller, Stephen Saw off and Peter Kassig. The whole world saw what they did the brutal acts of beheading or captured by The ISIS media propaganda machine. If convicted, each faces life in prison. The U. S had to promise the British government it would not seek the death penalty to get the two turned over. J Green w T O P News 6 51 watch out for unapproved face masks and other counterfeit personal protective equipment. There's a lot of it coming into the country, Customs and border protection officers all through the mid Atlantic. I've been seizing counterfeit and face masks as well as unapproved covert 19 medications and test kids. CBP says almost 59,000 facemasks violate trademark protections and are potentially dangerous. The shipments involved arrived from 11 nations. CPB says the volume of counterfeit covert 19 face masks is astonishing. 6 50 to the pandemic has closed the music venue. Hamilton Live since March. But this weekend, it finally reopens for a dinner and a movie Siri's of concert films. When you Walk into that Big 10,000 Square Foot Roman see more.

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