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Home office visit schedule Fred dot com a division of case design sometimes the apple your smartphone doesn't give you the full story a crash involving the overturned tractor trailer near the Woodrow Wilson bridge the earlier flooding has receded and both of your lanes are open outer loop before River Road downed tree along the right side but it's in that acts and lane with a fuel leak their training the saddle tanks right now there's a hazmat crew on the scene WTOP he gives you the why behind the one in your traffic woes traffic reports every ten minutes on the aids on WTOP and still ahead the NTSB the national transportation safety board is dispatched to go team to investigate the crash that claimed the life of NBA superstar Kobe Bryant eleven forty eight traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks vehicle fire on the end of the billing approaching Braddock right now confined to the right shoulder and the fire is out all lanes are open delays of quickly east on the beltway Maryland interlude between river ride the two seventy spar works in Mainz along the left side three lanes the wreckage by you do have access to the extra for the north sounds for but you must clear that works on first before you can safely merge over to make the axis of just be aware I look approaching three fifty five Rockville pike that works and takes a single laugh lane ninety five north bound north to route one hundred south of I ninety five the harbor tunnel through a trash bin along left side have got the all clear on that one as of yet so just be aware westbound on Maryland two hundred the ICC are still close between New Hampshire Avenue in label right as a result of the over weekend work I traffic is diverted off exit thirteen New Hampshire either you follow opposed to detour to rejoin the ICC beyond the works on and again allow yourself extra time to do that eastbound traffic not affected northern Virginia additional work since he's found sixty six east of the highway washed mollified still getting by one singling to write and westbound sixty six as you have western Utley straight out toward route one twenty three works on their blocks the right lane for but the good news is you do get by without a license just be aware that they were finishing up our work and they're still but again not causing a big delay at this time Catholic schools provide a faith based education that lasts a lifetime visit a D. W. Catholic schools dot org today for a listing of Catholic school open houses in your area Regina WTF traffic as we look to the end of the month our temperatures will be running slightly above normal or abnormal our average high is now forty four degrees for tomorrow on Monday starting.

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