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Ambiance was centrally located among eleven different reservations that were scattered across four states this included colville spokane incurred a lane in eastern washington fort hall in idaho wind river in wyoming and black feet flathead fort belknap four pack crowe in northern cheyenne and montana even though fort shaw was roughly central to all of these different reservations the closest winds were still more than a hundred miles away for shaw was actually a replacement for another school a government run dayschool on four pack indian reservation which burned down in eighteen ninety 92 the federal government looked to recently vacated force show because it would be easy and inexpensive to turn it into a school the officers coroner's became housing for faculty and staff the barracks were student housing and since it had been a military base it already had other necessities like a mess hall a chapel along in a hospital another bonus from the government's point of view was that long 100plus mile journey hallman some of them were from much farther away than a hundred miles the school was far enough away from all of the reservations that it students came from that in theory it would discourage students to visit home it would discourage family to come and visit students both of which the administrators thought might slow down the students assimilation or caused students to quote relapse into their native ways they also believed that this distance would deter students from trying to run away this was not entirely true children definitely tried to end did run away from four shaw.

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