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Friend thanks for your call let's continue mark try cities washington the great k f l d go mark levin great to talk with you thank you hey i might your perked up when you were talking about arlen specter and pat terming i remember those days well and mitterrand mcconnell and their republican guard i mean they would not renew senator specter when you were like voting barely what fifty point five percent with the republican forty nine point five percent with the democrat record calling to himself a republican and you're you had terming corriere early conservative republican all the way and make your curtain come over and then in the spectre ended up keynesian pardon neither democrat that's right i like guard and and who they blame i went back and read it the same republicans who attacked conservatives today they blamed the club for growth uh eight blamed they blame to me yeah i poor my hair out weaker factor i mean you can't let clim let me do it this way i want encourage everyone in the audience to google mitch mcconnell and arlen specter and pat toomey mitch mcconnell charlie chryst and marco rubio the truth is the truth all right my brother thank you for your call all right we talking about the fact that mcconnell one on his show sunday in light through his teeth about who he supported in those uh republican primaries just light through his teeth jim oh claire wisconsin sirius satellite go hey i i i gotta disagree arena i'm getting frustrated that everything that shot down we learned nothing from the progressives um nothing's ever good enough for the conservative here it makes some progress creek any progress yeah yeah that's the conservative you sound like mcconnell you know it's the it's the conservatives guys who are screwing up every make some progress any progress while adding additional tax rate or is that republicans wanted to do and i guess you supported killing basically the 401 k system yet doing all these thing anything tests do anything to see the difference between you and me jim is this to me is in the.

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