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The it adds so much it's so different than both of them both them are so idiosyncratic and then to add this other character he who is as much if not more of that kind of strange uniquely himself five is so much fun a character comes back from issue number one and they kind of she's awesome she's arms o'leary excited soared on yeah i am so glad see that she's back and so they can go on this adventure the four of them together and it's very interesting to see this group before working as dr doom kind of is you know working his mackin asians in the background a is all about the dynamic in this book and it just keeps ramping up yeah obviously listeners you can't see it but you will producer brennan he doesn't like fronts who can here he is doing that hercules her every is her as doing that because he really loves hercules as do i we also get a great villain in here hydro man yeah i love hydra man he's just such a weird q list villain but you've got the powers of water and he gets told to leave and so he has to go through the toilet he's like whatever stood water sogard there's also the mad thinker in here which i i'm excited for the potential that chip and company are putting around the met thinker who is obviously one of the smartest dude but he's gotten pumped out by doom here turned the tables like there's some fun stuff of bruin also a bruin in the pages of ms marvel number 22 a lot of things with the inventor war and this crew of khumalo's friends i i can cut a calm the kamala core who um nothing they are them so much they're all trying to help out in new jersey while kamala is am i a will this is written by g will wilson art by nico leone colors by in herring in littering by joe karam monya i think they snapdragon ball reference into this issue uh there's a moment where calls friends are in the inventors lab and they're getting ready to fight the inventor and they do this pose that reminds me of the guinoo force can you force my favorite things in dragon bazi who just so good every watch their introduction.

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