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That will impact the revenues. That, in turn, dragged down the rest of the market today, and overall, it was a negative week read numbers every day on Wall Street this week, at least from the Dow and the S and P 500. Also today, the 20th anniversary of 9 11 was commemorated. Remember, the market was shut down for four days after 9 11 the longest closure since the Great Depression final. Numbers overall for the week. The major averages down 1.5 to 2.5%. Today, the Dow was down to 71. Closing at 6 34,007. NASDAQ Down 1 32 the S and P down three quarters of 1% Gold down seven at 17 92 Announced 10 Year bond Yield 1.34% Alright, thanks to Kelly Brothers, and this year, Of course, as we've been saying marks the 20th anniversary of the 9 11 attacks, and organizers have some special editions plan for ceremony. National September. 11th Memorial and Museum President Alice Greenwald says the live reading of the names will also be back after being pre recorded last year to cover 19 concerns. This year, we will be adding some musical, um, performances as well. Um as a special nod to the milestone meaning of the 20th year for the second year in a row, New York City buildings are being encouraged to light up blue as a means of highlighting the tribute in light in the night sky. Greenwald says the more than 3000 libraries around the country are displaying special posters made available on the museum's website something she calls her a good result from the virtual focus during the pandemic. Meantime, the NYPD is treating the 20th anniversary of 9 11 as an elevated threat environment in New York City. The NYPD is John Miller says There will be heavy security presence for the remembrance ceremony and lower Manhattan. We've stepped it up this year. Not because of specific information about something in New York, but because we want people to see it. We want people to know they're safe. We want people to know that we're here and that we're protecting that event. There will be explosive detection canines, heavy weapons teams and everyone will be screened before entering the ceremony area. Miller says there's no specific credible threat. But he says some propaganda has been released recently by terror groups. It's up. Find out what's coming up Monday on the morning news with Sam Shannon Christina MEN Danza Kitty 19. Governors say they will fight the president's vaccine mandates. Will there be more backlash? We'll have the Monday morning wrap of the Sunday morning talk shows Monday morning. Okay and coming up. We've got your traffic weather together top stories and Northern California survivors in depth Look back at the Events of 9 11 include us as part of your plan If you need to evacuate in the event of a wildfire download the free I heart radio after smartphone so you can stay connected to KPK for alerts in the latest weather conditions building.

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