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Return to the action inside the hawk zone. And Anthony mantha takes the puck from the right side boards. Tried to pitch it back to one of the points. It slides all the way through and down into their wings zone. Instead Anthony now at the Detroit Lions will flip the puck across in front of the benches on Rueda picking it up there, and he'll back skated into the hawk zone with send it over to Brandon Davidson back to on Ruda through center ice over the wing line long shot for the right wing side, kicked out by Howard this puck draft by Brandon Saad at the left point. He'll spend. It down in behind the Red Wings wings. Joe? Hiccups mix it up there. They hit the center ice off of teammates down. The puck is picked up by Davidson or the hawks no icing. Call the hawks on the attack Saad taking a pass the wink line down the left wing side in a circle turning away to the board. You'll drop it off there. The David camp is rammed into the boards. They're knocked off the puck Deboer su- lack for the wings. Moves it behind his net around to the far side hands. It off the hiccups any ISIS the puck whistle-stopping play eighteen twenty left in period. Number one. It's one nothing guys for motor city. Every goal scored by Johnson tasted Patrick Kane. Sponsored by chevydrivechicago dot com. Chevy is the number one bestselling brand in Chicagoland seven years running drive. What Kane and as Dr. Hey, saw circle to the left of powered. Christopher angle. Take the draw for the wings against Matthew Highmore, the hawks in high more wins it packed up. Brent Seabrook at the right point. He snapped it down the boards behind the wing net. And then. Scars. Sabour got the puck back. The end boards. Retarded back around to the right point. Seabrook didn't waste a second. Just one time. Bouncing puck that ended up past Howard at one. Victimize on the first goal by the Red Wings half a minute into the game this time, they get the equaliser. Brent Seabrook gun continue working I rebound seasons from last year. Coming into camp. Great shape makes a nice little play to begin with getting the puck down the boards and comes all the way around the boards. And he just fires a good heart shot traffic. I don't think the goaltender able to pick that up one one back inside the wing zone.

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