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So that's how you get flaming fag i thought holy crap that's a powerful story and are there other back stories detabe words like this in yatta yati yatta very bad words is born and now finally i'm getting around to this particular word and i hand to know if this story from the show louis had any merit to it no not a bit home is is probably one of the most common for could imala jeez or or false at a mullah juice is not the case for a few reasons that is mark stephen martin mark has been an english professor and a radio host for the canadian broadcast company but i invited him on the show because of a book he wrote called dirty words this story of sex talk where in one of the chapters he explains how the word fag it went for meaning of bundle of sticks to meaning a gay man but first i'll let him explain why he knows the story told on the show louis isn't quite right the word fag has existed in english for many many centuries of with the meaning of a bundle of water a bundle of sticks but it actually didn't acquire the meaning of you know a homosexual man until about 1912 our so so that would be long after people were being burned at the stake in england and although homosexuality was a crime in uh you know early modern england like the 16th century it actually wasn't prosecuted as much as one might think and when men were prosecuted for it the recommended style of execution was hanging not burning burning tended to be used for for heretics um so there's really no way that the idea of a a bundle of stick's on being burned on them gave rise to the homosexual sense of of faggot okay so where did it come from what what happened is um the bundle of sticks came to be associated with a particular kind of person.

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