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Medicare premiums deductibles and copayments that's fidelity's twenty eighteen estimate we go through these estimates every year and one year they went down but this year they're back up to two hundred eighty thousand dollars now here's what they don't tell you they don't tell you that for about five hundred bucks a month perhaps per person you don't have to worry about that stuff because you got your medicare and a medicare advantage program prescription drug plan and so it's a lot less than that this is assuming you do know planning now this is the business that you are in that's correct whether they choose a medicare advantage or not is it has to do with you know who the doctors are and all that stuff right but i have found that in some instances the medicare advantage is really really good yeah it depends i mean i've had people say i was on the advantage plan i never want to do that again and i've had people say gosh all my doctors are there why would i do that so again it's it's about you it's about your circumstances about your needs but ray that doesn't take into account the old six o'clock but man and that is long term care there you go talking military talk do that pilot yeah that's what it is it's not military pilots understand the clock when they're flying okay see got me there again my dad was not in a pilot but he was in the military and i think he used to use that term so anyway you are correct the whole longterm care discussion comes up and there are some out there that are saying you know it's a waste of money don't even do it what do you say to that gosh well i mean ask people who are in care today what they wish they'd done and they'll tell you i wish i had gotten some sort of coverage if they don't have it because families are having to scramble or they're using medicaid and that's not a good situation one of the things that you have talked about frequently and i think this is the solution to the skeptics because most of those skeptics are the i'll not do it and invest the difference in my portfolio your solution of this linked benefit thing may be exactly what the doctor ordered here especially if you have a equity in.

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