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I did a tour on your behalf went down on. My car walked around a little bit and I wanted to get some sense of what's going on and. Of course I had a good sense of what, was going on because my previous lives is a. Public defender criminal defense attorney and also work in the attorney general's office on civil commitment hearings let me explain to you what used to happen that made sense I would imagine for. Like one hundred years things were pretty bad if you're a mentally ill. And the nineteenth early parts of twentieth century things are pretty bad Held in cages bad behavior whatever it, was it was awful then beginning, in the fifties sixties and nineteen seventies there was a change in the amount of money that was committed how someone got committed to a mental hospital and all the rest plus there was a large development, in the, sixty seventies and eighties of psychotropic medications that actually leave it to symptom symptomology of. Paranoid schizophrenia with effective components delusional misbehavior all the. Rest and so as I got of. Law school nineteen seventy four. As you know I worked, for snore fish Norfolk's north shorts Norfolk north in Toledo Ohio. And practice up, there for two years after I was a federal law clerk then I came back to Cincinnati took, a job because of b. Larsen b. Larsen define previous Hamilton county public defender without. Be Larson Bill Cunningham as you know him or. Not exist whenever. C. b. Larsen I tell me that you're, responsible but nonetheless I regress so I spent about two years in the public defenders offers representing everybody then I walk Zeh gains have gains, and gains attorneys at law and, I said, Mr. lese gains like, to, practice law privately in your law firm the rest is history as part of, that of course that we did, not have fringe benefits and other things so I began working with William J Brown Anthony celebrate and other democratic attorney generals and they appointed me for over about a ten year period to handle all the, civil commitment hearings in Hamilton county by that I mean this let's say. I suggest that Matt. Steinman is crazy I can go to probate court and, sign an affidavit under oath that I think match diamond. Or Scott Sloan is crazy because of these. Facts and then I go in front, of a magistrate it was Bev cook or someone. Like that and that magistrate in probate court. Would signed an order causing the arrest of Matt Steinman because Bill. Cunningham a friend or family member says he's got mental problems within that person was then taken off the streets so Matt's diamond we'll be taken off the streets and transported to a holding. Area at Longview state mental hospital which was a twenty acre facility in bond hill, adjacent I seventy five. Within three to seven, days generally it was three or four days but it was over. A holiday weekend or whatever it might have, been, five or six days there was, a emergency commitment hearing and how many county probate court Henry county courthouse and Bill Cunningham of the attorney general's office. Out there. And we might, have one morning twenty to thirty hearings of individual That was a suggestion of insanity and so by that point there would have been a psychiatrist not. As psychologists but psychiatrists long Longview that would've met. With that person to do a quickie evaluation. Of match time so then match time would be transported from Longview state mental hospital to Henry county courthouse, and brought up kind of incarcerated, but you know you're dealt gently with these people because it was a. Civil commitment hearing, wasn't criminal so we would have a hearing that might go from ten minutes to an hour, and the person would often testify a family or friend. Could come in and testify as to whether. The events that the giant said about, match diamond was true or false there was like. A mini trial that took place plus the. Person's history was by that point known the audiology the diagnosis in. The past and so the magistrate sitting dispassionately in probate court and this, was the same procedure in Kenton county Switzerland county Franklin county whatever Then there'd be a quickie, three to seven day hearing that might take from, ten minutes, to an, hour And then Bev cook or another fine magistrate in probate court would say yea. Or nay and they said this person has to be..

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