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The Bishop Ford, traffic and weather together on the H every ten minutes on NewsRadio seven eighty five point nine FM. Thank you says flood warnings proportions of the FOX kankakee in west branch and the page rivers that because it is raining right now. Periods of heavy rain and thunderstorms throughout the afternoon. Highs in the forties, but cooler lakefront and periods of rain, heavy thunderstorms watch for flash flooding tonight. A low of forty six temperatures rising into the fifties. Overnight right now at O'Hare, we've got forty three degrees raining there. Thunderstorms midway where it's forty five lakefront. Forty to watch the Dow closed up today's session thirty eight points. The NASDAQ goes off sixty six the S and P five hundred up about two coming up next on the afternoon. News update the trend that has some religious leaders annoy worried WBZ news time for WBZ news time four twelve the Anti-Defamation League found a slight uptick in antisemitic incidents in Illinois last year acting regional director Jessica goal says there was a small drop in incidents against Jews across the midwest. Last year one hundred twenty two compared to one hundred and twenty four in. Two thousand seventeen but it's still a huge jump over the last few years. Total almost doubled in three years. So while we've seen a slight decline this year. We're still very concerned specifically harassment vandalism and assaults increased from forty seven to fifty one incident. Skull says motive isn't always clear, but they're seeing a trend feel emboldened in ways that they haven't in the past if you've seen antisemitism. The wants to know about it and has tools to help combat it, Nancy hardy, NewsRadio one zero five point nine FM. Got the weather five day forecast. Straight ahead. Nobody BBC news time four thirteen later this hour on the 'nother chance to win one thousand dollars. Listen for the keyword at four twenty four NewsRadio seventy at one point nine FM..

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