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I'm Lisa. Let Sarah Fox News less than an hour away from what will be a historic night of the Democratic National Convention. With the nomination of the one of color to a major party Chicken Tonight speakers many stars of the party rock. Obama is back where it all began for him the Democratic convention, But there won't be a packed arena of excited delegates degree Kamala Harris tonight as she introduces herself to the country in Primetime. One of tomorrow night's speakers. Andrew Yang isn't satisfied with party messaging so far tonight, delegates will also You hear from Hillary Clinton, whose husband Bill spoke last night, and Elizabeth Warren, the Trump campaign counter programming include the new digital ad trying to convince voters Biden isn't all there. But Dr Jill Biden dispute any decline? That's his Peter Doocy tomorrow. The convention concludes Biden formally accepting the nomination and addressing delegates. Fox News Radio's Democracy 2020 Coverage of the Democratic National Convention is now live. Download the Fox News Act like Listen, Toe Listen, Live President Trump with a major announcement concerning Iran directing the Secretary of state Mike Pompeo. To notify the U. N Security Council that the United States intends to restore virtually all of the previously suspended United Nations sanctions. Lorna ran just snap back President Trump accusing Iran a significant long compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal. Secretary Pompeii. Oh told Fox is right there. The U. S will hold China and Russia accountable if they try to stop the snap back of sanctions. Hundreds of wildfires, some sparked by lightning burning in California, with thousands of people forced to evacuate. Governor Gavin Newsom is also blaming the heat way, which has been gripping the state. 23 off the fires are considered major are complex Fires. Campfires has a helicopter pilot has died in a crash fighting a fire in central California. America's listening to Fox News THISS news Brought to you by Edelman FINANCIAL engines. NewsRadio KALE, BJ. I'm John Cooley Topping Austin's news. Williamson County remains very concerned about police budget cuts being made in Austin setting an article from Forbes. Dr Bell Bell says the cuts, which include mounted patrol, organized crime and training won't be able to sustain the growth demand for really public safety, shifting funding. Accounts for about 80 million with the funds and functions such as forensics, 9 11 call centre to other departments. Rebel has asked the governor to send DPS troopers to cover the portion of Austin within Williams and County, Texas leaders continue their vow to come down hard on any city that Defunds. It's police in the way Austin is doings House Speaker Dennis Bond and says State law would prevent that from taking effect retroactively and also, public health says Covert numbers are still slightly plant toad, but hospitalizations continue to decline. LBJ RADAR with watch Low 71 9 99 Get Austin News on demand at NewsRadio. Kale BJ dot com Over 18 locations makes it really convenient for nearly 30 years. A local body shop should you have a repair? You need maybe got Hail, dammit! Somebody's dope of their door into your car or hope not, but you had an accident..

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