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The class was immediately after lunch, and and on this particular day that we're going to have a debate in class and one of them debaters one of the kids who was going to be part of the debate was late. Yes. His name is Albert Albert often came came late to class. And so we've been waiting and waiting and waiting for ten minutes went by fifteen twenty and eventually he showed up being dragged in by this camp security guy. The school security guard, and I thought the security guard brought him in because he was out doing some miscreants stuff like smoking pot again. And so I kind of lay into Albert for being late again and for not holding up his responsibilities class. But I was like, no, no, no, no other says that he had been at the handball court playing with his friends, and then when it was time to go from the court back the class DS to border patrol agents. This came out of nowhere in their green. Uniforms, demanding to see his papers. Like who are you where you from? Let me see your ID, and he tries to give them his school ID, but they wouldn't take it. And they actually told him that he needed a federal idea of some sort for them to believe at all that he was the United States citizen or belong on the campus. And once just standing there like border patrol really I was haranguing the kid, obviously, Magen three or four other students in class just kind of stepped in and said, no Albert's telling you the truth. Not only is Albert telling the truth. But in the last couple of weeks or patrol had been on the handball courts in the playing field repeatedly stopping students harassing students. And I was quite frankly shocked. One.

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