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John Jones, Espn, John Challenge discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz


Jones should be paid for an Ghana fight in the heavyweight division. It's John Jones business. It has business if John Jones wants to come out and talk about how much money he's made in his last four fights. That's John Jones business. I got no problem I would tell you right now. I would tell you right now on this call how much John Jones maintenance last four flights despite being arrested how many times and all the things that have gone on with John Jones But that's not my business his and the question the answer to the question it so when John Jones did this new deal that he's under right now. Going up to the heavyweight division was factored in right but even if John Challenge came back and said you know what I know we factored in but I want this fight and I really. I Really WanNa do this can we? Can we bought my money up. We would still say yes but not at the number that John Jones's is asking for that's not going to happen. John Jones gets a piece of paper view. John Jones is a partner in the pay per view. So if he believes that the that the that that fight with Francis and gone you. Is that big the amount of money he can make unlimited. It's unlimited amount of money based on pay per view you know and guys like Conor McGregor and compete And many people before them the Ronda Rousey and the the really really big superstars They know they know the answer to that question. You'll see fight night. This Saturday Futures Tyron Woodley taking a Gilbert Burns and UFC two fifty June sakes on ESPN plus pay per view data white with this year on ESPN radio data. I gotTa tell you first off. You're doing a fine job. I think you're awesome. Secondly I'm wondering the fight I want to see is Dana versus. Dan has den. Have you experienced it the same way? Dana has been at an all-time annoyance level tonight. Or what Jesus. That's he's been annoying since birth. Yeah this is nothing new with lebatardshow. He's been annoying since since birth. I would like to fight you though. What do you think that that? How do you think that that would end up going you? Can we do that I can? We do that for charity. Can raise a bunch of money for charity absolutely. It ends very badly for you very badly that I've only because you only bring them in you only because you'd bring that meathead glazer with you. That's the only reason. Yeah you physical specimen this ends very badly for you. I've got I've got about eighty pounds on you. Why Eighty pounds and your weight and your weight fluctuates. Like I've seen it go from and it's not a good eighty pounds either okay but I don't. You were also a weight fluctuating. So I don't know what kind of shape you're in but what I'm telling you I'm going to get in shape. Let's raise some money from for charity. Quit quick give me a straight answer. Are you and I going to fight for an enormous amount of money? Yes Matt thank you got some Media League going to the other side. Thank you for being with us. Get Out of here guys the ESPN radio is presented by progressive insurance. Long before Roy Holidays on timely death in two thousand seventeen hall of fame bluejays and Phillies. Pitcher had scores of remarkable moments that punctuated his baseball life. Not least among them a perfect moment from ten years ago today. Five months later in the National League divisional series against the reds holiday became only the second pitcher in Major League baseball history. The throw a postseason no hitter east. Sixty imperfect premieres tonight. That was premiered. That's what I tried to say at seven eastern on ESPN. Here's your sportscenter. Update the English premier league returning June seventeenth is hoping to conclude the season in time the fall of the FA Cup final to take place on August first. Italy's top soccer league returned June twentieth. Spain's top league LOLITA will restart on June eleven is back and finally the Pensacola Blue Wa. Who'S THE AA affiliate of the Minnesota twins in the Southern League have listened their.

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