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Real cute i wonder if they're going to let me sit here it was so fucked up because we sat next to a portrait of liz taylor as cleopatra ideals man they were looking around and seeing all the images of the people and he was like you know every entertainer that is featured in this room is appropriating black culture so like black face or brown face no like think about elvis yes like he didn't do black face but he was just copying black people correct and then there's a giant statues of the blues brother's like oh my god everybody in that fucking bb king though nothing no bitch not a person not a poc in the house might gut how scary no no no everything like from like betty boop like digital have betty boop was like a black character before she became i didn't know that but it doesn't price right all yes anyway the visual culture of the twentieth century of this country it's filled with little stories like that it was discuss the food there was disgusting i recommend it it really makes you think about life so i'm like i'm healthy now you know like i'm eating vegetarian all the time you're doing pretty good thank you so much welcome so i got a veggie burger and i'm i'm like you know what i'm gonna treat myself i'm going to get the marlon brando has mushrooms on it this fucking veggie patty comes out on this burger bitch no no no no no no no no hand they just like literally opened a of mushroom and poured it on top of a veggie patty campbell soup yes yes bid cream of mushroom that's just mushrooms just imagine mushrooms from connor.

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