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Home. But so far they consider all the trains on. We live in Queens. Meanwhile, many worried the cleanup in New York City could take longer than usual as almost 400. Members of the Sanitation Department's snow removal team were laid off due to the pandemic. I guess we'll just have to do it on our own, and then hopefully they'll come the next day and just put the salt and you know, cleaning up a little bit. I'm Christine Marks for 77 W. ABC News. A state of emergency is in effect in New Jersey is have you snow moves into the area and not essential state officer. I had to close early Governor Murphy says. Practice Covad protocols. If you're going to help your neighbors during the stone, one of chip in to help our neighbors and shovel out, especially our older residents, But please keep in mind the need for maintaining social distancing and wearing a face covering while doing so, with the potential for high snow totals, strong winds blowing stone driving sleet, the governor says, and there's the potential for power outages, you said. Storm UPDATES will be available online at ready dot N. J. Not Gove. WBC news Time four or five traffic and transit up next now you forecast in the Ramsey miles of Weather Center tonight cloudy snow heavy at times windy, Low 33 tomorrow snow tapering off by mid morning high 33. 31 degrees snowing in Central Park. It's 30 in du Monde from the 77 WBC news desk. Bob Brown. W A b C traffic in transit. A couple of accidents on the belt Parkway, one piece band in Pennsylvania Avenue has you backed up to Flatbush Avenue, the other westbound at Nassau Expressway that has you backed up beyond JFK and it slow on the cross Island South bound from the Throgs Neck down to the l I e.

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