Senator Mcconnell, Christine Blasi Ford, Oklahoma City discussed on Sean Hannity


FM ninety six point one HD two Oklahoma City. Assault investigation metro highschool Calvin Reagan, the KT, okay news center. Authorities investigating after him city school district said a student assaulted by four other students have Putnam city west high school, according to the district you're happened last week. One employ placed on leave school says the incident under review charges could be filed US Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell pressing ahead with plans to vote this week on the confirmation of US supreme court nominee Brett cabinet. This is the FBI continues investigating sexual misconduct allegations made against Kevin Mike Emanuel on Capitol Hill. Here's how all go down day. One. Senator McConnell would file cloture day to would be a layover day for that cloture petition day. Three would be a procedural vote on whether to end debate day four would be the Senate voting on final confirmation. There's been careful scrutiny of professor Christine Blasi Ford's testimony last week an ex-boyfriend afford said she never mentioned sex. Sexual assault harassment or misconduct and that she flew on small planes and had no fear of flying. A member of Ford's team says she stands by her testimony, many questions cultivating Oklahoma's medical marijuana Senator Julie Davis of bartlesville wondering about the labelling protocols dispensaries might need to follow. I'm not sure if I'm four against I just. Curious about including the name of the recommending position since we're not talking about a prescription laboratory testing procedures also discussed during today's eleventh weekly meeting of the legislatures medical marijuana work includes a man in custody arrested after he allegedly robbed a convenience store that happened to southwest Oklahoma City early this morning twenty five year old Ian king Todd accused of worrying I'm asking using a gun robbing circle K, storing your south, west seventy fourth and Pennsylvania. No one hurt so emotional testimony, Tuesday the state capital during the interim study on possibly doing away with life without parole sentences for juveniles or allowing them to petition to change their centers after serving a certain amount of prison tie. Rodney Wilson Weatherford doesn't like it is fourteen year old daughter. Jerry Wilson was killed six years ago by sixteen year old Tucker McGee can.

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