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From then Hatton. Jim you're on the fan was happening James how you doing good? Jim. How about yourself? Steve next year, it's going to be jet light stadium. And and the way giants are run in Jones needs receiver. How about they get land Jones Wade of minute, and if Jianjun wis Moreland is gonna play you like three more years. Yeah. Draft a better quarterback next year. And as he one want the Mets, Keith Hernandez a second base for a couple years. Second bays. I mean first base, I meant I I want them. We're going to keep you life for another three years. Three Keith Hernandez, put run darling on the mound. Well, I don't think anyone including ally advise that I mean this Gettleman just throwing that out there. He's really trying to say who knows how long allies gonna last. But for me lies own personal professional self esteem. He's going to say, you know, three years, that's really hard to believe my to send listen we. We all thought that he li- might be finished last year. No, maybe this year. No, I think this will be though his last year. It's the last year of his contract. You're not gonna pick this Daniel Jones at number six. Jim tell me otherwise, you're not gonna pick him at number six have said for two or three more years. Find a quarterback held not they had to keep alive because if they didn't plan they still have to pay twenty million dollars. So they might as well put him out there. But if this saying their problem is defense they had a couple of Pro Bowl is named snack. Harrison, Landon Collins who are excellent players went. You just keep them building. A team is you've got good players in one ear. You you add to the other. You don't get rid of your good players. You know, I I would not have gotten. I know this is not popular with a certain faction of giants fans. I never. Would have traded the atomic blonde. He's too good of what he can do. We understand what the drops and with everything on the outside and the relationship with the kicking net and lifting the leg and the Philadelphian zone. I never would've traded Manal. And I would I would have ranch is what the tagging Landon Collins. So and you don't know again, we overall confused about the so-called plan of Gettleman because you have buffet at one safety, and he's on the other side of thirty in that Cleveland tray with the atomic bomb. They got what was it Djibril peppers? And he's good. And then they go and get rid of the atomic blonde. And then signed golden Tate who by the way, happens to be also a slot receiver lying shepherd. So what you wonder what is the plan here and they needed? I mean with Josh Allen there and some people have both the best some people had Williams the best and some people had Josh Allen the best and here Josh Allen false the giants and they have an immediate need right now for a pass rusher. An edge rusher. However, you want to call it somebody who gets into your backfield of put you down on the floor. And that's what Josh Allen does. That's what he wants. He's a man eater. Greg is calling for Morristown and Greg you're on van what's going on? Steve how are you coming along? Great. Thanks for the call. So I wanna make a Mets point or that. I just wanna to say the reason drafted a very important is our favorite team didn't have a pick in the first round. So we can just go right into the second round. Well, you're right. But I know you I I know you're you're you're you're deep down a Cowboys fan. But I'm over tonight because in baseball season, we share the same team. So I never thought I'd hear myself saying this. But with the way the first twenty years twenty five games turned out. I do think the Mets should maybe have a little bit of interest in Dallas. Kyko, you know, going into this either. We thought they had enough pitching and might need to get a hitter. But now the way to seize unfolding it almost looks like with ARGUS not pitching consistently. And even some of the better names, not pitchy consistently. Do we do we try to re open the tone? I've not reopened. But maybe open the talking try to see what Dallas Tyco would be worst. And how much we could get from. I would be interested. I don't know if he would be interested. I certainly would be and I'll tell you who else Kimbrell. And kimbrel. I would be interested in him to listen because of injury because of -ffective nece or lack thereof. I would definitely be interested in the kaikal. Now, he may have to he wanted three to five years that's got to be out the window. And if you can sign them for year with a club option, whatever, but you could have to pay more than ten million. He wants he wants Dallas gyco money. Even though last year the ground ball pitcher was throwing more fly balls and the RIA was rising to the top. And so again, he's not the youngest guy out there on the market and no other team has gone after him. But my guess is he'll finish this season on some team won some team either through injury or ineffectiveness is going to need some help. And then in a desperate situation. Whether it's a mentor anyone else. Dow's gyco. Will probably be signed now, Craig Kimball Cumbria, I would certainly go after I mean, the Mets boom fan is inconsistent and Diaz fine. But getting the ball to D as an I don't listen, I don't one hundred. I don't one hundred percent. Trust familiar, and we we've already seen why. So the bottom line is an I would unlike with the Callaway Calloway does not want to use D as for a four out save. Why not you're not gonna wear amounts and to get an out to get four out Wadi male throw three pitches to get that four out. Same facing an extra veteran the bottom of the eighth inning saw the I mean, you know, really sometimes you can coddle and baby a ball player way too much, by the way, they're still in a rain delay. And you know, what between you me and lamppost ought to cancel the game. Let me give you a little bit. With the updating with the draft the pay 'n again, this is a little bit with Manusha, but it's fresh and it's happening. So let me pass it along we get right back to the phones. Still no score by the way with the ice Sanders. Carolina. Mike, correct. Oh, I give an interesting stat about with the hockey, but the patriots the patriots traded pick number fifty six and one zero one the Rams for the forty fifth overall pick Joe one Williams corner outta Vanderbilt and Miami as you may have heard already has traded the forty eight and number one sixteen pick to the saints and they get back picks number sixty two two zero two and twenty twenty second with a twenty twenty second round pick. So there it is with what at listen. And don't forget that because they'll via quiz, but nonetheless, it's all numbers, and it's all names. And I will I got something in my right hand. I got all kinds of copy. It says NFL draft winners and losers. Who knows what again with Washington, they got to Haskins, and sweat, and we'll knows what we're going to give Washington it because it's Washington you can't ever give them an A. And Daniel Snyder was involved in this this first round with the getting of sweat and with Dwayne Askins. So, you know, Daniels Snyder was the one, and of course, most owners are certainly okay with the scouts and with the GM and everybody in the decision making process with they're going do. But if Daniel Snyder is the man that is doing the who is. The judge and the jury of bottom line is, you know, won't work out because it stands Snyder in Washington. Nick is calling from Whitehouse station. And Nick, you're on Vanina exit. What's going on? Thank you. Steve. I wanna bring up the other day. We were talking about the first round draft pick of nineteen fifty five, and you were talking about in context that you know, a lot of first round is knowing ever members of Kohl's short shore. You brought up EM, but he he turned out to be whether greatest playmakers of all time. Well, George Bernard shore. A little humor there. Liked it up a little bit a little humor there. George Bernard Shaw. And interesting thing is he went I believe to the colds. And and of course, we all know three years later with Johnny a night is, but but but he had a little bit of a career maybe Peter can look up just for the sake of here curiosity. It's not a big deal. And I my guess was until some reverted to my attention that it was Georgia. My guess was that maybe the first pick in that fifty five draft was Doak Walker. I'm a dog Walker was in the nineteen fifties and in the hall of fame, but I think that was my guest from nineteen fifty five, but George Aw did did have a little bit of a career in the NFL. Philip is calling from four river Philip. Yeah. I don't buddy, buddy. We're we're buddies. I like that. Yeah. Whatever problem with Gettleman. What is okay? He said manning was going to be the quarterback pretty year. I have no problem with that. Why would you draft another quarterback only have holes everywhere? That's the question that nobody could answer with a straight face. It's terrible. Terrible gentleman. Yeah. No. And most of all of us. I mean, well, there have been a few that we have heard from today that say, hey, give the kid a chance. I would say give peace a chance. Daniel Jones chance we all deserve chances. But the bottom line is this was quite a chance taken by Dave Gettleman and most of us wouldn't have done it not when they have so many other needs not when a terrific player was falling into their laps. And they let that player. Josh Allen fall off the lamp, we have to take a quick break before we get back to your telephone calls. Still no score with the Icelanders and Carolina in the second period that second period is winding down, you know, from that. And you know, what the Mets the still nothing? Do. We have any word with the Mets. We do. From the Mets Twitter. We are still closely monitoring the weather situation and will provide another update when it becomes available. Why don't they just call the game? That's enough already. And you don't want to Guam pitching and weather like this. Stop the game. That's one eight seven seven three three seven six XXX number on the fan..

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