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Know in some ways will sacrifice some of that to make i'm sure that they get the guy that they are hoping to get once he gets up your boy the habit i mean that's the best answer that i've heard wayne right there with the you could read between the lines and listen oldest and when he speaks but that's something i didn't even know about cabrera being a negative influence on rosario now you figured that would be the case his point shortstop but i was under the believe specially after we we saw a couple of weeks ago where you know he comes out and says i want to be traded and then cooler heads prevailed he goes employs second baseman being a good soldier so you think cabrera will be moved before rosario comes up because i was hoping that maybe he could be peace next year pick up the option employees him second employ some third be a mentor to a guy like rosario but you think it's more so kebir is going to be off the team before his oreo comes up i would imagine i mean i think it it worked cabrera is right now he's obviously concerned about you know his future and his career he's not in the same spot and his career so they arrested or ray us as clearly been given many opportunities perform this your advent and you start to think the maybe jose just kind of near the end i cabrera thing still believes he has other he has a contract waiting or at the end of this year he wants to play every day and if i'm ed rosario met the majorleague level then it's going to be difficult for cabrera to play every day specially neil walker's back from the disabled list which is which is only a couple of weeks away way and yet third base to figure out whether that's floor is or your luke cabrera to another pollution and maybe maybe cabrera does improve is standing in the clubhouse and and and and does become a better soldier then he's been the last couple of weeks and and takes third base when rosario comes up and and does throw it arm around the kid in in and guide them along the way maybe cabrera does do.

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