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You've done all the normal. Housekeeping of showers in feeding yourselves at when you kind of on those days, we still have another hour so before things done. You need to be anywhere where actually, you know, nothing. Nothing needs to happen. And that, that really does moments of pause in the morning for me, a really special, and making sure that I continually build those in, and it's helpful when you have jet lag 'cause you get those veterans great. I mean this morning I was up at three thirty. Because of the jet lag. But, but what happens is that you have this time in the morning where the, the world is still. Or, you know, there's, there's no, not as much noise. And it's actually a really good real world example of how life can be when the volumes turned down. Yeah, I could not agree. I love mornings, especially extent when jetlag because it's much easier but I do try to get up at. And I love it so much that I rather go to bed early. And then go get up Edeka says something amazing about that quiet time. And I, I try to always save sunrise in the city when trouble and I carry my kids to do that, when that travel with me as well. 'cause it's such a beautiful part of the day to say the song goes up because then you're part of something bigger than yourself. So thank you for sharing. I often talk about L morning, so that would be more inspiration enough for our listeners. I would love to know if you have a favorite Cape product or a station product. I mean remember remember first seeing key when. In australia. This would have been I'm going to say ten years ago, Kotane twelve years, and what was amazing. And which I still remember as all those little what you might call kind of the notes that can be used for anything that quite cod. Yeah. Those things we're actually at allowed you to use an however you were inspired by, and it reminded me again, when I was in the Sydney airport, where probably wasn't exact same ones. But it had those thing that actually they had his beautiful space that you could use. And literally have that stack by my bed. Now where, you know, some days, it's, it's a note of gratitude somedays, it's things I need to pick up and some days, you know, it's just a little friendly reminders. And but what's nice about it, it has that feeling of warmth and kindness behind it, even though there's nothing there that needs to be said. Yeah, yeah. Actually even have a section in the book with some of my favorite quotes about dreaming. Because. I think when you rate, a quote, you just get reminded of what is important to you, and different quotes main different things to different people, but also at different times. So sometimes I'll have a quote. And then, like one year later, I'm like, oh, that's what it really means to me. And I people actually we have a dream life journal the both to, to actually by the court to say what does that mean to you? And what can you do about that, if you want to do something? So thank you for sharing that. So tell me what's next for you. What's reme- I'm back in town for a little bit. We have some yoga teacher trainings that I'm leading, but more with just breathe. We're now on a very big remission driven to, to create more mindfulness in the real world. We have some really amazing events that are coming up in off the back of last year. We did these thousand person mass meditations at the British Museum at the tape. We have have set a bar of creating more more moments within the UK and Europe, hopefully going further places like Australia and the US and how we can create those are going to be really exciting for us this year as well as we've got our new podcast coming out soon. We've got content in process of writing new book right now to this quite a few different things all within that all within this same conversation around. Bring it more into the real world for people and doing it away that connects, and hopefully we will very soon see a bigger and a more impactful shift worldwide people really stepping into this conversation of how meaningful it is in our lives will more kinder, when we're more mindful. When we spend time together, couldn't I am actually when I started to see. These massive meditation gathering, India, museums, like my, my New York and Tate here and I put my dream to do that. So I'm now 'checked when I was in New York last week. And I was checking if something, but it wasn't anything about that now in on my list to chick, every time I go to city because it's such a beautiful way of experience something that is not just mindful, but it's also very beautiful community wise. But also the environment's in those places are amazing today to go to place like that the next to be part of something like that he's incredible. Actually, you're quite lucky as well as in mobile. There's a community down there still space and actually start to create large scaled moments like this down there. But next time you're back in London. Let's connect love free to come and join us and share some of your wisdom and words with everyone, thank you before we finish up a love you to share. If you could go back to young to self-same when you in your late teams what advice would you give yourself knowing what, you know, now life isn't about being good. Life is just about enjoying yourself beautiful, and a great way of finishing off the super inspiring episode end. Definitely gonna take your up on connecting with your next time because I love to be part of those amazing places, and not just amazing places any place where you can connect and meditates and, and, and I love to cross. Now putting on my dream is to attend a yoga kospi. But I want to ignore this, you really say a massive, thank you, first for taking your time, because I know that you are you have full days and for you to prioritize making with me today. London is very much appreciate it. And also, I want to encourage everyone who's listening to really look you up, and your trumping, so much, and we are a global busness eye catching one to find you wherever you are in the world at the time to attend classes, and, and whatever doing end, I'm going to obviously link to the book, and hoping that we will see much more men in yoga classes, but not just men, Oviously men and women together and by creating the world, so thank you so much. Thank you so much. It's been absolute pleasure. What a great chess that was. I could talk with Michael for hours. I really admire the why he smashing stereotypes on a mission to encourage everyone. Not just men to embrace yoga mindfulness really take the time to focus on the overall wellbeing. I'm as such a firm believer in taking the time to look after yourself to focus on the things that Madam os and shed ruling time for self kick into your days. And I encourage everyone to grab a copy of Michael spoke seeked out bit quiet if you interested in giving yoga, try something else that really resonated with me the idea that by finding what you love. What is spies? You really focusing on that you can close it to living a life you love. Pessina own Joanie is very aligned with these in terms of finding what a love emphasising that s my Correa, any,.

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