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His website. Dr Brown Dot Org Mike before before the break you were talking a little bit about the volumes that you've written. I have them on my shelf referred to them quite frequently with regard to the objections that Jewish folks have to the same that Jesus is the Messiah one of the objections is if Jesus the Messiah. Why don't we have world peace? What would you say to that I? I would say that. The work of the Messiah. According to the Hebrew Bible is in two phases and the first phrase he had to come and die and rise from the dead before the Second Temple Oh was destroyed and then the message will go throughout the entire world rejected initially by the people of Israel but going to the gentile world and ultimately when Israel real does recognize him as the Messiah he will return and establish peace honors show. I would argue that. Based on the Hebrew Bible there are two phases to his work work. Judaism is looking for the second phase without the first face. But without the first phase there can be no second phase now Jews obviously are monotheist monotheist. But there is a bit of a plurality in the old testament in certain areas for example in judges. Six you Kinda have to ya ways in judges six and of course. It appears that Jesus appears in a pre incarnation state particularly like say Isaiah six and maybe some other areas. Maybe with Joshua speak to that a little bit Mike Their believers in monotheism but did they recognize plurality and the God head they would not define this plurality to them. I am To say that there are two powers or that they're they're different dimensions of that can be defined as person anyway within the God head would be idolatrous for for them. It is as specialist. Judaism has developed a very strict monotheism hand that says one Goblin got only explain these other passages more with manifestations of angels and things like that however within Judaism mystical Judaism you have the the the fear out these various emanations of God a ten different aspects of of his person. That do bring out a certain plurality and you you could argue that Second Temple Judaism and the time of Jesus recognize more of this had more exalted. -nology had an angel midtown Tron. who was so? Oh Hi in lofty that that he could represent y'all way and things like that or that there was even a concept of the Messiah where he was more divine but this would be one of the biggest issues that Judaism has with Christianity. The idea of a trinity or couch try unity or God becoming a man or a man becoming God to traditional Jew that would be an idolatrous beliefs in my volume censoring Jewish objections. Jesus I really argue. For God's odds complex unity in fact if folks go to my website Estrogen Brown dot org and sign up to get my emails. They'll get a free e book seven secrets of the Real Messiah and one of these seven secrets ideal with God being complex in this unity is as part of this. How can the invisible God be scenes if they go to asked Archer Brown dot org and just sign up for emails? Then they'll get that many book. which will kind of introduce them to some of these other subjects when you say complex? 'cause I know there's a lot of listeners going what I thought God was simply doesn't have parts so how in a sense got nature simple. But yet he still has a plurality to it in with regard to the Trinity. Have you done much writing or thinking about that topic. Oh yeah absolutely. It's a major part of volume two of answering Jewish objections to Jesus I get it into it in real kosher Jesus from which we took those seven secrets of the Real Messiah for the for the book. I speak of Goddess Complex in his unity as a way to try. Try to reach Jewish people. Because if you say plural or plurality or try unity or anything like that then to them you're not saying monotheism so how can God be visible and invisible. How can God be transcendent an imminent? How how can God look? We have the New Testament telling us. No one has seen seeing God right. John WanNa i Timothy six and yet got a scene so that's why I say he's complex unity so saying he simple as approach it approaching approaching it from one aspect of Christian theology saying he's complex. His unity is my way of trying to explain how he is three and yet one how there is no separation ratio within the God head yet. There is distinction of persons within the God head to me that is complex and yet ultimately one we believe. God's nature is simple yet ED. We manage his nature manifest itself in in ways that that appear to be complex as you would say like for for example. I always think of a light. Going through a prism you see light coming through the prism on one end and it comes out in all different colors on the other. We're kind of on that side of the prison. We're all the different colors others are coming out. So we see his attributes. We see his love. His justice is knowledge is his all the attributes. We can see separately but it's still one being on the other side. They may be one way of looking at it but let me go back to some of these questions. I have on Judaism if we can mike and that is what did Jewish wish scholars think about the evidence for the resurrection. Do they deal with it at all your average your scholars not thinking about it. Any more than your average average Christian scholar is thinking about the life of Buddha or the claims right Mohammed. Those who engage in the discussion of the the most radical cull of them as is the Orthodox Jewish scalloping the peed of deceased. Some years. Back he wrote a book on the resurrection of Jesus claiming that it really happened. A banana did not mandate Jews believing in him as the Messiah. That's extreme view. Yeah other otherwise there'd be questions about what we even know about out. Jesus how much it ancient writings even tell us They they would look in in a a more skeptical way of of aspects of his history. The city for a religious Jew. There'd be no possibility of Resurrection They they would look at Matthew's Gospel where it says you know. The Jews had this account count. You know the body being stolen and they'd say look they're all different explanations there is you schoenfeld arguments the swoon theory. That Jesus didn't really die that he appeared that he died died he just swooned and then when he came back he just revived. There wasn't a resurrection. There's there's one Jewish dow now who's written a massive book. Trying to debunk every argument about the resurrection. Dr Gary Habermas Probably Number One authority on this has interacted. Some of this looks like he's GonNa be a multiple series on it but it would try systematically to deny that there's any concrete evidence by the way I have a book coming out Beginning of March called Resurrection Investigating Rabbi from Brooklyn a preacher from Galilee event that the changed the world and in the book I talk about this ultra-orthodox Rabbi Abihu Brooklyn. Many of his followers thought was the Messiah when he died they thought he would rise. Of course he didn't they say here's the Messiah with spiritually so I- contrast that with the the New Testament mentality of disappointment the criterion of embarrassment that you know so for sure though is like a bunch of feathers over ah and when he rises. They're shocked so if we can show that. Those accounts are really really does give credence to the resurrection accounts especially they were written by Jewish believers. In y'all way so why would they invent it. Any scholars deal with that. That question these are Jewish writings in the first century. They they would I mean they come from different angles that there is belief in the resurrection. That was present at that point and they apply to cheer that some even in claim that there is some Jewish traditions that the Messiah would die and resurrect but that's very disputed based on just a couple of obscure texts But they they wouldn't deny that matthew was a Jewish believer in your way and he's remained taste. No they fully understand. Look there's a Jewish annotated New Testament commit that came out a few years back. Amy Jill Levine and other Jewish scholars. Put it together. Where they they're doing Jewish commentary on it fully Lee recognizing that this was initially Jewish sacked fully recognizing that in its origin? This was this was another Jewish that was part of the Jewish community in the first century. must be read and understood. Is that some say that Paul is one of our best witnesses for first century. Jewish belief of the sources there. Yes it is more and more recognition mission of the importance of incorporating the New Testament in the study of early Julius. Well we just got a couple of minutes left. Mike and I just want to ask you some questions that our listeners could ask their Jewish friends to at least get them to consider Jesus the Messiah or anything they can ask them. Yeah I recognized that your average Jewish friend. It's not religious doesn't know the Bible well may not even believe in God so you may want to start with them like you do with everyone else just about God and you believe in God and things like that then you want them to. You WanNa deal with moral issues. What do you think of the Ten Commandments? And things like that. Maybe that'll carry a little bit more weight even for a non religious this Ju she wanted to show them their moral. Need you think that you know the the laws is from God or it'd be believe some of the commandments to try to show them that but then explain to them. The need for redemption emphasize. No Templeton it. So would you ask those kinds of questions of you could say you know. Have you ever looked semes- yanic prophecies. Most of what prophecies. What are you talking about? But prophecies are very intriguing to people. You mean this was really laid out in advance and and if you could get them to read Isaiah fifty three whatever Bible they have access to religious Jewish translation free. This does this sound like why. Ah Extraordinary how no no no no I want. I don't WanNa read from the New Testament Old Testament tested. Well somebody changed it. No you get your own Bible. Look at that and then try to open them. Up is what you see that it says we would reject him. You see it says that he die in our place just just like the animal. Sacrifice took our place it. He died in our place. I so you WANNA I get them. God Conscious Sin Conscious yes and then from there savior redeemer conscience and then from there if you can say hey. Why don't you want to read Matthew? This is written by by Ju- do about the Jewish Messiah or Paul was Jew. Or you know Jesus actual name was used shoe and his mother's name was Miriam. Were you aware of these things and try. Try to open their eyes up so that they realize okay. I'm not a Jew. Even at a nonreligious most still feel. It's important to be Jewish and we do have certain traditions. Our ancestors died rather than deny these things so preserving Judaism for many Jews.

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