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Com. Good evening at 901 on five. Buesseler. The Yankees haven't places last Thursday, and the wait continues yet He's a brave rained out in Atlanta. They will make it up with the straight doubleheader on Wednesday. First pitch for 10 coverage on the fan to 3. 30 guard pole was supposed to start tonight is dead. He will start Game one tomorrow. Masahiro Tanaka goes in Game two Mets first game back after four covert 19 related postponements a loss they were beaten in Game one of a double header by the Marlins. Four Nothing Rick Marcello allowed all four runs over three days of work. Lamey scored three in the second one into third. ALS of those runs were sport with two outs and Marcello did not return. After an hour long rain delay in the middle of the third. Oswald gave the Mets four shutout in the largest one. Hit his release the parents, but all for naught as the Mets again do not hit in the clutch Oh, for 10 with runners in scoring position in accordance with policy. The best did not reveal those who had tested positive for covert 19. But Andreas Jimenez and Tomas Tito were placed on the injured list today and the Mets were without coaches Gary DiSarcina. Hensley. Meulens chose not to use Jacob the ground either of tonight's games. You will start on Wednesday means so likely be unavailable for the subway. Siri Seth Luego starts game to tonight. As a match. We'll try to avoid the doubleheader sweep. Bottom four second game of a doubleheader. The Angels lead the Astros five or the Astros won the opener. 623 Blue Jays lead the Red Sox 65 of the six top eight rays have a four to lead on the Orioles. Bottom six. Twins lead the Indians to one Top three A's and Rangers tied to one police lead the Nationals for two of the six bottom three reds of rowers. No score. Bottom three. The Royals lead the Cardinals to nothing The White Sox have with three. Nothing lead in the Pirates of the third Top five Tigers have a to nothing lead on the cuts. NBA playoffs. The Denver Nuggets in a must win situation. They trail the Jazz three games to one and with 90 seconds to go Denver looking to remain alive, They leave Utah one await toe. Wanna one Mavs and Clippers coming up. That serious tied to Donald will be with that crystal for Zynga's sidelined by a knee injury. Stanley Cup playoffs. It is game to Bruins. A lightning end to the game is tied to Boston with 10 Siri's lead. 74 degrees. Partly cloudy skies and that's what's happening. Bobby Schindler with Sports flashes on Double B. F A. N Listen to the fan anytime anywhere, download the radio dot combat favorite US today and if you have a smart speaker to say play doubles 119 sports radio 66 Way are in the kitchen, and.

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