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Coast AM. Hi, everybody Connie Willis here, discussing tonight, experiences, deep in the Rockies of sasquatch, and maybe even more. All right. So I got to the point of letting you know, that I was out with a team that's called sasquatch journey. We had this is their hotspots. They've been taking me there for I don't know five, six seven time, whatever. And so we had found a ton of structures. We, it was a beautiful day had little lunch. We went into the other side started kind of going up the mountainside and it was pretty steep. And we were ready to get back to the car. And this is an area where you if you want to go up, you know it's not easy. You have to take your hand in pull yourself up with one tree, and then another tree or branch or rock or something to get yourself to go up. So we were kind of going up. Parallel. And that's when I had left off. And I had said that we've seen so somebody structures and I had done something I hadn't really done when I was out there and a while, and I asked from my head like a mind, speak like telepathy. That's when I said, you know, we've seen a lot of these trucks, they look great. They're awesome. I to see you. I wanna see you. We're here to see you. We are, you know, we're nice our tensions are good. You know that we've seen you guys along the way we know you're here. We're not here to hurt you. We wanna see you are where are you, are you, you walk in parallel to us because a lot of them walked parallel to you. So I thought you know, I haven't done that actually haven't talked to them from my mind. So maybe let me give it a shot. It wasn't long after that. As we're scaling on in one area. Tony..

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