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Yet camp bridge sports all right so next i read the bill again anyway so ice cube he's starting as he's the one starting the new summer yeah baby the big three big three he posted a video on twitter of himself making a thirty foot shot okay and he directed this tweet towards one love our ball i am sorry for bringing it up but this is necessary because the diet opens valve the has dr anyway keep he brought this up because lavarra ball said he would have killed michael jordan if he brain oneonone backing quote back in my hay day nso as you posted the video film making of ice cube making the thirty foot shot and said to love are you make it look far all by a pair of them big ball or brand nice then he adds an in his caption that allegedly by not one but ten pairs if lavarch can make the thirty foot shot the four hundred ninety five dollars shoes that wouldn't of cost for forty nine hundred fifty dollars which is trump changed ice cube these days oregon see response from the war on this oregon him do it no he will not absolutely will not do it because israel has to prove himself right right have you noticed that lavarra ball never stepped have you seen him play basketball now now he's he's all talk there's no exactly which is anybody who really can't play but says they can that's what they do like this is not surprising there's no way lavarra ball but f s one will put lavarra ball on and he will answer back to ice cuba but i think that ice cube could the could benefit with lavarra.

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