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The players that are leading that locker room when everything was going great when they all WanNa play they can ball like Manchester United has plenty of talent they can be in the top four or they could even finish in third place if they wanted to play at their absolute best all the time but this mentality issue and when things were going great with Soak Shire this team looked great and when things started falling apart Soak Shire just you know he he told the how it was these players need a reality check. They got too comfortable. I think that was a big part of it. Yeah I think so too. It has to be that because I I don't know how I I just don't know how you can just be so hot. emplaced so well and then just die off a cliff and even some games where they drew in and loss. It looked like they lost you. No desire they had no heart there was no fight and it was it was embarrassing. 'cause this Manchester United when I when I look at players when I think of Manchester United I think Paul scoles I think of Robbie Keane and Michael Carrick Rio Ferdinand vintage. You know these tough tough players yeah gigs. Absolutely you know these tough you know engines <unk> at work so hard and look at what they have now. It's just great talent great potential but the attitude is just not there that mental toughness is just not there the fame winter their head. You know what happens to the best of us. That's what do you think about Chelsea altron. I'm avoiding arsenal at all costs. I don't want to talk about that team whatsoever. <hes> what do you think about <hes> Chelsea. You know new manager Frank Lampard coming after a pretty successful season Darby got Christian Pulisic Nick. How do you think they fair with? Transfer Ban seems they're going to be using a lot of young players. Do you see Chelsea heading in kind of a good direction. Yeah I think so <hes> you know the these all have a pretty decent team. <hes> it's a rebuilding year and probably the next year too so I think what their main objective this season is trying to place in fourth place third place <hes> and get that championship spot you know they they were still able to get pula sick back in January before the whole transfer ban and they managed to get Kovic to who did pretty well and Pula sick is a great talent. He's no hazard that's for sure but he will. He will get an uplink time and I think thank you produce and contribute well to Chelsea the season and also I'm excited to see callum Hudson. Oh Joy I love that kid and I think he can be really something special in this league now that hazardous out him in him in Pula was sick if they're not playing one of them will and I'd be really really excited to watch both of them. Play I honestly I want to be completely honest with that. I was kind of pissed off like I don't WanNa see him in a Chelsea Jersey and then I did during the preseason on like fuck like it's going to be awesome to see him week in week out in the Premier League like opening match against Manchester United..

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