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Back it ain't got they. Are you following us on twitter dot TV Slash W.. Tr Live Amazon prime. So you can link it to your twitter account and subscribe to our twitter channel for free with footprint. It's the easiest way to help support us breath like what you hear Scott to the rack on apple podcast just search for the radio show and while you're there the UH review and tell us your thoughts on your favorite show on a Thursday night watching. Wt Our live programming. Just I became more rewarding with w. t. r. live championship rewards earned. WTI Live contender points and cash them in for W. t. r. live championship rewards including creating a greater than great topic create an all time greatest bracket or even produced the topics for an entire episode of Wrestle Talk Radio you're I probably wondering. How do I earn? Wt Our live contender points simple. Just watch US live at twitch dot TV slash W. T. R. Live. It's that easy you've hit now makes it worth to listen to Tim's bad jokes start turning your WTO contenders points now by listening to all of our programming live live a twitch dot TV slash w. t. r. live. What is the greatest of all time? Saturday nights. We decide from sports video games movies and even the X. rated interest. You help us decide. What is the greatest of all time? Look Great Great. Debate a part of your Saturday night. The right radio Saturday night mid lightish. She's been the world told maybe oh network from every week we to the world of aw. Aw Aw that Iraq extra abuse miss 'em misses this one had to go out and buy all the toys. He lifted my.

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