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Extends all the way back to begin to break up the the far western end of the line is right about now the southeast side of Kokomo Indiana so the heavy rains have now passed through fort Wayne Toledo clearing out Cleveland beginning to see the showers now on the south side and continuing to push off to the south and east at a pretty good clip but no doubt some strong straight line which we actually have some severe no tornado warnings but you do have your severe thunderstorm warnings over the eastern reaches of Ohio right over toward the you get to the wheeling West Virginia that little finger up there and was in West Virginia and some of the adjoining counties over in west central portions of Pennsylvania now with strong straight line winds L. travelers weather service of our friend to travel centers of America TA truck service more babies more expertise and more solutions just about the time people in the Midwest in the east gate kind of accustomed to April or what right now would be even more like may like warmth I hate to tell your old man winter's gonna wake up from his slumber in Sam quite a shock to these areas before we get to our Easter weekend attempts at temperatures since the start of spring back on March the nineteenth have been averaging the.

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