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We're standing right there. Right beside him when Jalen runs in. And now in you, if anything it's just confusing for the defense, and they got a handle gotta make calls. And if they burn a timeout good for you talking to him Tibo and Laura Rutledge here. And by the way, mentioned the Commissioner was supposed to be out. Here. We understand that the commissioners meeting. Still ongoing or maybe gone on longer than we thought. So we're going to have to hold. That when he comes up here. Yeah. He I don't think he's out here yet. So I'm not trying to read anything into that. Maybe there status quo doing it. Even I just made up that word. Know glowing it good thing. Good alive. You know? Yeah. But but that they're talking about the playoffs in pretty much. The the main players going in said, we're not going to change anything. But who knows maybe maybe they are. I don't think that they are at all. But you know, I just I don't think there's going to be enough agreement for that side to be able to get anything done. And I don't think they should. I don't think it's perfect right now. But it's so much better than it used to be and there's so much excitement around the playoff. And you know, I think there's some things that I would personally love to to tweak about it. But it's a really good system, and it's working right now. And I think we're getting some of the best teams in the championship game. And I like it. I would hate to see it out hate to see them have kind of have a rehaul or or go to eight or even six I like it a four makes regular season still mean a lot. I would love to see them maybe tweak how they say how they picked the four. I don't I don't love how they say. The four best teams. I wish. Could kind of. Quantify that as is. You know, there's a part of it that's best. And there's a part of it that's deserving, but they say best. And then they they, but you know, that Notre Dame's that is good as their undefeated. So it's high ash Ashton official. I'm not gonna die. How'd you end up with Oklahoma Notre Dame, especially Notre Dame? And I said Georgia looked at don't tell me what happened to George. We're going on December second. And he said, you're right. But if if if they had done that they would have blown up the system, and I mean, I don't know. But I believe there was someone in that room. And I think I know who it is who influenced them away from that. Because it made too many ways, but that's political. And that's not what we need to be. If we really want to say, we're getting the four best teams and come on. Let's have the Kurds pick the four best teams. Let's not be political and not have to please people. Let's let's truly do this. You started to buy in a little bit too expansion there or the end are you seeing there, I'm conflicted? I I like the sound of it because I didn't really like the four. Right. So so here's think about this thing about of Washington after that season, they go to the playoff the number eight seed and they play Alabama. And it's another beatdown, and it's a good first round can be pretty tedious like the you can't compare college football, the NFL, but the NFL wild card games were really good. But it's a totally different Anamar either way. Yeah. It is. I think there are so many reasons why I get people wanna talk about expansion, and I'm kind of with Tim on this where if you're getting the actual for best teams, then expansion doesn't really matter. Like, you're actually getting the four best teams. That's the point of it. That's what it should be. And I think what we always have to keep in mind as a committee changes every year. So one committees four best teams it's going to be different from the next Lord. What I don't like. And we're all we're all advocates college football. I don't like the way we had the semi finals and then New Year's day, and they'll college football now is center stage. But it took a no about one thirty tha. Day for people to get move away from the wild card games, especially the one late last night to start concentrating on that. And then the big was talking to Steven Naismith today on his radio show..

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