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He said he trained with you recently and that 'cause I asked him like a house Toby look, he said, dude, Kobe looks better than he's ever looked. So, you know, and, you know, Charles is an ATT guy. So he's not gonna say that unless he means it. So obviously you're doing something right. Now you said that you think hospital is a rat. I mean, that usman's gonna rag doll hospital. Correct? I don't think Adam, I know, buddy. You know, I train with street Judas moss but all for 8 years. I live with them for a year and a half. The guy's got no heart. He's got no discipline. You know, he doesn't know he doesn't know how to stay focused in between training camps. He only trains when it's convenient for him and when it's a training camp, you know, he's not the type of guy that's going to go like me who's going to go help the amateurs who's going to help the pros, who's going to help anybody that's getting ready for fights because I'm the ultimate team player. He's a very selfish individual and, you know, he's just not a disciplined guy, you know, and you're going to find out this weekend that all he was doing was showing up for a paycheck because he's got to pay alimony Adam. He's got some big checks to pay to his ex-wife. You know, who he cheated on and, you know, he's got kids, child support to pay. So he's just showing up and on the flip side, Marty's just looking for that easy lick because, you know, I was offering to fight him, but of course he doesn't want to fight the harder fight. The guy who gave him health for 25 minutes. He's looking for that easy lick with the guy who's got lightning in a bottle. Judas hospital. But what about Masvidal saying that he brought in his boxing code? He lives with his boxing coach. He trains all day long with his boxing coach. Is there any truth of that? You know, you can't believe anything moss but all says anymore out of him. Let me tell you why. Just last week he was saying, Darren till was the hardest guy to ever hit him. How is Darren till the hardest guy to ever hit you, George? When you were still conscious of the end of that fight, you fought Paul Rodriguez and you got knocked out unconscious. You fought Rodrigo damn, you got knocked out unconscious. How did those guys not hit you harder when they left you unconscious and Darren till did it?.

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