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Out of her job is chuck important at how he behaves when she is working and that were and profession your employer one can make sure that they have employees that are good character but especially a job where you're in the public eye well and and guys especially how could she ever go on and be looked at as unbiased the gun covering a police story after she says the is actually feels about police unbelievable joan vorhees you're in the jersey one one point five hey guys hager listen she doesn't deserve a second q because people that act like this out in public ob bob it gives off bid ipm for everybody else can it okay tim now fall please and it more all police grab a point what people and then it just quoted problems sultanpour pro that officer that officers should have a metal yet for how calm and cool and collect that he stayed with all the vile things she was throwing absolutely and and for the people that wanted you first second chances remember a drunk orrell speech speak to sober girls thoughts here uh hey coming up right out of the five o'clock news just a few minutes from now we should be talking to mr bill doyle via telephone so stick around for that new jersey one one point five the tripoli's sitting buffet because what they do with workplace have you ever washed the job himself you did outside of work at a ten we got trivia easy movies television.

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