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The last thing I wanted to ask you, this is you retweeted great quite recently in article written by concrete, but it's a the articles titled Yukata helps chine light on women's baseball in Japan. And we talked about the women's baseball World Cup of few months ago and Japan is taken to dominating the competition because they have an actual organized structure to allow women to play baseball. And I was curious mainly what is the the national reception to women's baseball. How much attention does it get any fans come out how how well supported not terribly? Well, it's supported well enough that sponsors throw. Money at it. It's on par with independent minor leagues in Japan where the the players practice a few hours every day during the week. They play weekends on holidays. And they get you know, the thousand people to the games or or so on a hefty. I have I can't really speak too much about it. But I know having heard from American baseball players in Americans who are involved in women's baseball in the United States that they are are so envious of the setup where these these women can compete in baseball in actually make that a focus of their lives. Instead of you know, an after school sport. Well, we have been reading your work for quite a while and consulting you on articles that we've written. I'm glad that we could finally have you on the podcast. You have your own podcast Japan baseball weekly, which you do with John Gibson. So everyone can look that up. If you want to be better informed to bet and PB. You can also follow him on Twitter at J, Paul Allen. Jim thank you very much for coming. Well, thank you. Thank you Ben in. Thank you, just it's been a pleasure in an owner. Well, the Yankees signed Troy Lewinsky as reported by our pal passan now of ESPN congrats to him. I'm sure we will talk about to low next time that happened after we.

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